Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon)

Strategy Architect – Digital Place-based Media
Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon.) is the longest-serving independent analyst, advisor and educator in North America’s digital signage and place-based media industry. In addition to these roles, he is Chair of Digital Customer Experience, a program aimed at accelerating the success of retail, food services, banking, hospitality and other B2C locations. Over the past 15 years of his 40-year career in information technologies and telecommunications, Lyle has assisted over 350 firms in their planning, execution and optimization of location-based digital media and has helped to train over 15,000 professionals.

Lyle has received 6 major industry recognitions including an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to end user and industry education. He has been named as one of the "11 Most Influential People" in place-based media by Digital Signage Today and one of the "50 Industry Innovators and Influencers" by Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine. Lyle Bunn is nominated for the ELEVATE Award Customer Experience Influencer of the Year.

He has published over 400 articles, whitepapers and guidebooks on related subjects and has served as editor and principal writer of Dynamic Media supplements in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The National Post. He serves on the advisory boards of the industry’s primary events and on the judging panel of several digital signage awards programs.

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  • Posted on: 04/19/2018

    Starbucks to close shops for racial bias training

    What started as the politically correct movement has become hyper-sensitizing across society. Values such as respect have a long timeline of education while training can offer little more than the the dos and don'ts. Yes, such training is valuable. Codifying the expected behaviour of staff offers another criteria for performance assessment and development, and let's face it, conducting such training provides visible indicators to consumers of how they could expect to be treated, even as they see themselves, and perhaps too often are, just another coffee order.
  • Posted on: 04/19/2018

    How will Amazon replace Whole Foods’ rewards program?

    Too often loyalty programs are focused on fulfilling marketing goals rather than inspiring the brand/retailer/consumer relationship. Loyalty should profile the values that each stakeholder share and inspire the journey toward discovery and advancing the perspective of the customer related to their capabilities and strengths. Harmonizing loyalty programs across business units offers some good economies of operations and marketing, but their reason for bringing value to consumers must be the foundation of all change.
  • Posted on: 04/19/2018

    What makes a great loyalty marketing professional?

    Customer experience professionals with appreciation for Voice of the the Customer data are top candidates. They are analytics-driven and typically (in not having line budget responsibilities) they have had to influence internal stakeholders. Loyalty marketing draws on so many operating elements that the ability to knit these together while inspiring new approaches, attitudes and behaviours can evoke a more fundamental change in corporate and staff behaviours to make the customer the central focus, rather than just adding another marketing program.
  • Posted on: 04/17/2018

    Has Google found a formula for undercutting Amazon’s product search advantage?

    Google's big hammer is in its partnering, in its becoming an enabler of the retail ecosystem. Tremendous equity has been developed by retailers and to offer an alternative is to push the rope of the status quo. Much less energy is required to add customer experience to existing infrastructure. Good call Google, as with those who have developed their own ecommerce capabilities.
  • Posted on: 04/17/2018

    Meijer works to keep up with Kroger and Walmart with ‘Shop & Scan’ tech

    The promise of viable self-checkout has been just around the corner so many times that I wish I'd bought a Tucker (with its directional headlights -- am I dating myself?)! It is really coming down to an acceptable percentage of trouble-free occurrences and a lower cost of offering. I do believe that we are almost there and that consumers will move in that direction with retailers. That premium checkout space is ideally suited to high margin, fast-moving items.
  • Posted on: 04/16/2018

    Dyson believes in showroom stores

    A product playhouse, as the Dyson Manhattan store is called, exhibits tremendous confidence in product value and excitement. Retail experience suffers from a poor definition of who should pay for the experience (i.e. the retailer or the brand). Store within store, pop-up and brand retail facilities answer this. Some retailers are good at collaborating with brands (think Macy's/Nike), but we are seeing a time of redefinition of the branding and merchandising relationship among product providers and retailers. Standalone stores, such as Polaris recreational vehicles, that prove through analytics that improved customer experience results in more sales, are positioning themselves to extend their quality of retail presence into other formats.
  • Posted on: 04/16/2018

    Brands find unexpected opportunities to reach next-gen customers

    Brands and retail have the opportunity to bring new products and consuming experiences not just to new generations of consumers, but those for whom retail has become stale. This generational trend could mark a move into better levels of retail appeal. Work wear, sporting goods, housewares and entertaining (food/beverage) offer opportunities for curated bundles of coordinate goods that make shopping easy and improve usage outcomes.
  • Posted on: 04/16/2018

    Can food halls become retail’s new anchors?

    Food is an attractive option to every outing and an affordable luxury for most shoppers. We've seen food halls filled with the usual brands of fast food, but there are options to extend these experiences to offer something new. Food in retail, such as coffee bars in grocery or a bar in Norstrom, is breaking new ground to the addition of food to retail. Food adds to the experience and location appeal.
  • Posted on: 04/13/2018

    REI lifts the sustainability bar

    In our profit-driven, price conscious world REI is gambling its future on vendor sourcing standards. The cost of managing these and the promotional exposure of their not maintaining these or their being lied to is high. As in all such cases, the benefit is realized not in making policy declarations but in increasing the consumer awareness or perception of value realized through exercising these standards. Standards exist everywhere. The more narrowly these define sourcing options, the higher the cost of administering standards and the smaller the customer base.
  • Posted on: 04/13/2018

    Backstage shops star inside Macy’s

    Macy's Backstage is a wonderful concept that is showing high value to the chain and to consumers. Consumers know what is behind the curtain as overstock and slow-moving items are discounted. While it could work in stand-alone stores, Macy's is rightly benefiting from more traffic when Backstage offers more shopping options on location.
  • Posted on: 04/13/2018

    Will electric vehicles prove a bane or a boon for c-stores and energy drinks?

    Interesting if/then consideration that needs to be tempered by more realistic electric vehicle uptake data. C-stores and brands have enormous potential in unrealized sales in today's paradigm, and this will continue to be the case. The emphasis should continue to be on conversion generation rather than factors that may decrease sales.
  • Posted on: 04/12/2018

    Will a mobile game and free pizza combo deliver sales for Domino’s?

    Consumers could be spending their time in worse ways than seeking the bragging rights of winning free pizza. Games offer the potential to educate while entertaining, so let us see how Domino's can serve up more benefits than just brand loyalty. Gamification works well to engage, but has the more significant benefit of generating a more informed and inspired consumer.
  • Posted on: 04/12/2018

    Is product discovery now the biggest pain point for mobile buys?

    Time and trust are the gifts that consumers give while shopping. But the transition from traffic to conversion is the gift of retailers. All attributes break down when there are frustrations, poor search outcomes, lack of credible information or biased reviews. Diligence on continuously enhancing the mobile experience while better integrating this activity into the shopper journey will contribute to the ongoing development of mobile whether it is a stand-alone experience or part of the store visit.
  • Posted on: 04/12/2018

    No site comes close to Amazon for Gen Z

    Shopping is about discovery and comparison so the best places, online or physical, that offer this are naturally popular. Staying relevant is the key for retailers and brands as the appetites for information, experience and value are in constant development.
  • Posted on: 04/11/2018

    Death Wish Coffee goes from small roastery to Amazon’s ‘most wished for’ brand

    Daring to be different and being true to well considered convictions will always take retailers and brands where others fear to tread. When support for the innovator or underdog is high, use that wind beneath the wings to fly higher than expected.

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