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Founder | Lead Consultant, Egility
Liz Adamson is the founder and lead consultant at Egility, an Amazon digital marketing agency. Egility helps brands create and optimize their presence on the Amazon marketplace, creating an Amazon strategy that complements and enhances other existing sales channels. The Egility team has extensive experience in leveraging Amazon's marketing tools to communicate a brand's story and increase total brand awareness and sales. Liz has worked with Amazon sellers since 2011 and has nearly 15 years of experience producing, marketing and selling consumer goods, as well as an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and brand management. To learn more, visit:
  • Posted on: 12/14/2018

    H-E-B puts mobile scan and go tech in customers’ hands

    Our local grocery store rolled out a similar app a while back and frankly I’ve resisted using it. Mainly because scanning my own groceries while shopping seems like one more thing to do while I’m trying to focus on not forgetting what it is I need to pick up. I usually opt for the self checkout if I just have a few items. The Amazon Go concept however takes the burden almost completely off the customer and is the ultimate convenience. No scanning, just walk out. On the business side it will also do a better job preventing theft since it doesn’t rely on the customer to self report.
  • Posted on: 12/13/2018

    Are holiday shoppers getting more ‘appy’?

    Retailers not paying attention to mobile are definitely missing out. Customers of all ages are continuing to turn to mobile devices to browse and shop. Habits that are picked up during holiday will carry over to the rest of the year and we’ll see mobile shopping continue to grow in 2019, especially in Q4. Investment in mobile apps is a must to stay relevant and retailers need to know their customer demographic and design apps that are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Posted on: 12/12/2018

    Where will Amazon go with its cashier-free concept?

    There is a huge opportunity for smaller Go stores in especially airports. Talk about convenience for travelers who are in a hurry, juggling luggage and bags, etc. The easier to shop and pay the better for harried travelers. It may be confusing for travelers not familiar with the concept, but frequent fliers will catch on quickly and even come to depend on it.
  • Posted on: 12/11/2018

    Should Amazon buy Target?

    Acquiring Target would help Amazon further launch into the brick-and-mortar business and into categories like clothing. Target would benefit from Amazon’s deep pockets. Both would benefit from each other’s large customer base. However this may not be the right time. Amazon is busy rolling out its cashierless Go stores, settling in with Whole Foods and finalizing the PillPack acquisition. Not to mention the increased scrutiny it has received lately in the U.S. and Europe due to its already massive reach and size. Amazon should take care not to take on too much at once.
  • Posted on: 12/10/2018

    Will Walgreens win the prescription delivery race?

    This is a great move by Walgreens. FedEx is a great option which will likely deliver more reliable results than the CVS/USPS program. The price point is right and being able to either pick up same day in a shorter line or choose next day delivery give customers the flexibility to get their medications when they need them. Retail pharmacy will need to continue to innovate on solutions that will get medications to customers faster, cheaper and easier. The company that does this best will become the go-to for customers looking for more and more convenience.
  • Posted on: 12/05/2018

    Drugstore/grocery pilot is two-thirds Walgreens and one-third Kroger

    Busy consumers love one-stop shopping -- adding grocery to their stores will bring what is probably much-needed additional foot traffic. With many large grocers, including mega stores like Target and Walmart, offering onsite pharmacies, and the rise of mail order pharmacy, Walgreens does need to be experimenting with ways to position their stores as a convenient place for consumers to knock several errands off their list at once. Strategic placement and selection can help prevent cannibalization from existing Kroger stores.
  • Posted on: 12/04/2018

    Walmart gives associates a tool to deal with out-of-stocks

    This is a great solution for dealing with stockouts and maintaining conversion. However I don’t see a need to limit it to an app only accessible by associates. Walmart could roll this out to their consumer-facing app with signs in the store educating customers how to purchase out-of-stock items. Kiosks would work as well, especially for consumers not interested in downloading another app to their phone.
  • Posted on: 11/27/2018

    Does Amazon’s record performance point to the growing importance of Cyber Monday?

    As online shopping continues to be more and more convenient we will continue to see Cyber Monday increase in sales and play a big part in holiday shopping. To get their piece of the pie, retailers will need to ensure they are optimizing their sites, especially for mobile, offer compelling promotions and offer either free shipping or pickup in-store. It has to be an easy, seamless experience for customers. I also see Amazon continuing to use their annual Prime day to continue to increase Prime membership and pull those customers back in for their holiday shopping, including what Amazon called the Turkey 5.
  • Posted on: 11/26/2018

    Are Black Friday results a sign of Christmas 2018 things to come?

    2018 will be a solid holiday season for many reasons including a strong economy and consumer confidence as well as a plethora of holiday sales, both online and at brick and mortar. Black Friday results are not surprising; ecommerce is still in high growth mode with many retailers and brands expanding further into the omnichannel opportunity.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2018

    RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Amazon vs. Best Buy

    Best Buy does a much better job in making their commercials feel personal. Not knowing what to buy family and friends for Christmas is a struggle we can all relate to, Best Buy capitalizes on that and makes you feel that they just may have something for everyone on your list. The one-to-one conversation between the customer and Best Buy associate makes it feel personal. Amazon on the other hand missed the mark on this one. While personification can be effective when done well, the animation of their singing boxes just doesn't quite hit the mark. It seems they are trying to communicate the excitement and anticipation that comes with having their signature boxes, perhaps full of gifts, delivered and waiting to be opened, however it does not match the more personal nature of the Best Buy commercial.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2018

    Do grocery stores have a customer engagement problem?

    Most grocery retailers have not changed in decades, focusing on price, selection, and/or quality as their only differentiators, until many are not differentiated at all. In the era of Amazon, food delivery clubs, online groceries and more, to bring traffic back into their stores, grocers need to focus on the experience. I recently visited my local grocery store to find that they were hosting a dinner prep class. There were tables of food, condiments, and zip top baggies. A facilitator was helping people assemble meals that could be frozen and cooked quickly at a later date. I'm sure there was a fee to join the class, but what a great value add in an era when many are too busy or too tired after a long day at work to put together a dinner. Creating experiences like this or other opportunities that bring more value to the customer will be what sets grocers apart, engage their customers and increase traffic.
  • Posted on: 11/12/2018

    Amazon and Apple get co-opetitive

    Playing nice with Amazon is becoming a necessity for any brand. Previous to this agreement, Amazon was allowing independent resellers to sell select Apple products on the site, meaning Apple had little control over who was selling products and how they were presented on the marketplace. This situation is a fairly common one, as Amazon allows anyone to sell almost any product on their platform, which often leads to poor brand representation in product page content, pricing, and overall customer experience. We are seeing many brands trying to take back control on the channel by cutting out resellers, implementing more controls in the supply chain, selling on Amazon themselves, or like Apple, creating agreements with Amazon restricted to authorized sellers only.
  • Posted on: 11/09/2018

    Can retail rivals beat Amazon without having lower prices over the holidays?

    It is not just low prices consumers are looking for but a combination of selection, convenience and price. All things that Amazon is known for. Especially during the holiday when consumers are more pressed for time and have a large amount of purchasing to do. To stay in the game retailers either need to compete with the promotions, selection and convenience of Amazon or find a way to differentiate their product selection or shopping experience.
  • Posted on: 11/06/2018

    Why aren’t women buying Amazon’s private label clothing?

    Selling clothing is a different model then selling batteries and even diapers. Sizing and fit is often an issue and women will often gravitate to brands that they know fit them well and what size they should order. Amazon does have its Prime Wardrobe program, where customers can have clothing shipped to them for no charge and return what they don't need. That program has a potential to help overcome the fit issue, but it doesn't solve the second problem of Amazon's current browse structure. It can be overwhelming to browse Amazon's catalog to find that exact clothing style you are looking for. Clothing customers are often brand loyal simply because they know they'll find a style they like and that it will fit them well.
  • Posted on: 11/05/2018

    Did Amazon just crush Target and Walmart’s free holiday shipping moves?

    Target and Walmart continue to try to erode Amazon's market share, forcing Amazon to react with its own shipping promotion. Amazon's new free shipping promo is aimed at non-Prime (i.e. less loyal) customers who will likely go where they can get the best deals, and keeps them in competition for their business. Amazon will still see large gains this holiday, as their Prime membership has continued to grow this year and those loyal shoppers will head to Amazon first before checking out other online marketplaces.

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