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Founder | Lead Consultant, Egility
Liz Adamson is the founder and lead consultant at Egility, an Amazon digital marketing agency. Egility helps brands create and optimize their presence on the Amazon marketplace, creating an Amazon strategy that complements and enhances other existing sales channels. The Egility team has extensive experience in leveraging Amazon's marketing tools to communicate a brand's story and increase total brand awareness and sales. Liz has worked with Amazon sellers since 2011 and has nearly 15 years of experience producing, marketing and selling consumer goods, as well as an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and brand management. To learn more, visit:
  • Posted on: 02/15/2019

    Will Amazon’s decision to bail cause a New York backlash?

    The whole process was a PR play gone bad. It's common for states and cities to offer tax incentives to attract new companies and bring new jobs to the state. What's not common is the amount of publicity this got. By announcing a contest, bringing the bidding process to the public eye, Amazon opened itself up to more public scrutiny than it would have otherwise.
  • Posted on: 02/13/2019

    Can Whole Foods’ business afford higher prices?

    While higher pricing is often a necessary reaction to the increasing cost of goods, in the case of Whole Foods it will have a yo-yo effect on their customers. After making a big to-do on lowering prices, to turn around and increase them will erode customer trust.
  • Posted on: 02/12/2019

    Will Marie Kondo de-clutter retail?

    The rise of the middle class, the increase in disposable income and the growth of the retail industry over the last several decades have all led to the fact that many of us just have too much stuff. The reality is that a cluttered house and abundance of “things” does not bring us joy and Marie Kondo is bringing that to our awareness. There has been a movement towards spending money on experiences instead of things which can go further in providing long term joy and contentment.
  • Posted on: 02/08/2019

    Product and promo knowledge won’t make the sale

    In the era of Amazon and rising e-commerce sales retailers need to focus on the human element of the sale. A few years ago I was in Best Buy with the intention of buying a new TV, hoping that a sales associate could help me pick one out. After 45 minutes not one associate who worked in that department could be found, I decided on a model myself, and went home and ordered it from Amazon. So yes, sales associates make a difference, and ones that can connect with the customer on a deeper level than just “this is our sale today” can help create a brand loyalty that will keep bringing customers back.
  • Posted on: 02/06/2019

    Is Amazon Vine a win for all?

    Social proof has become a critical factor in converting browsers to buyers. In an era of growing eCommerce, where customers can't handle and test the product before buying, product reviews are critical and good product reviews boost conversion rates. Having a program like Vine, where customers can test and review new to market products, help jump start the review gathering process and product sales.
  • Posted on: 02/05/2019

    Will Target’s dynamic pricing strategy erode customers’ trust?

    Not a smart move by Target. Changing the price based on location will only erode customer trust and will drive customers to other retailers who will be transparent and consistent with their pricing. This practice is certainly taking advantage of customers who are trying to do their due diligence in searching for a good deal, only to have Target mask what their true online price is.
  • Posted on: 02/04/2019

    Which commercial won Super Bowl LIII?

    Overall, I was under impressed with the game, the halftime show and most of the commercials. The ones that did stand out were:
    1. The National Football League’s “The 100-Year Game” - more action that the actual game and my kids were laughing through the whole thing.
    2.’s “Not Everything Makes the Cut” - It was a fun commercial that poked fun at AI and voice assistant technology that went too far.
    3. Washington Post's "Democracy Dies in Darkness" - A good reminder in our current political climate of how critical good journalism is.
  • Posted on: 01/31/2019

    Social media responsiveness builds Millennial loyalty

    Social media is just the latest format in ever-evolving communication preferences. In the last several decades we’ve gone from mail and phone to email to texting and now to social media. To communicate with customers retailers will need to understand the latest communication preferences and use those channels for both marketing and customer service. The retailers who are effective at embracing the latest communication style will see that translate into brand loyalty, especially in the younger generation.
  • Posted on: 01/22/2019

    Will Amazon succeed with brand sampling rooted in machine learning?

    Amazon’s product sampling program helps bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar. Samples have long been part of grocery stores and other retailers and can be a good way to introduce customers to a new brand. Using samples in e-commerce will give customers more of an in-store experience where they can handle and try the product. With its vast shopper data Amazon can easily identify the “in market” customers more likely to convert, the tricky part will be the costs involved in packing and shipping.
  • Posted on: 01/21/2019

    Did Gillette’s rant against toxic masculinity go too far?

    We live in a very divisive society where anyone with different political or social views are labeled as the enemy. There will be those that hate and those that applaud the ad. And from a business perspective it will do what Nike’s Kapernnick ad did, bring attention to the brand. As for what the message it communicates, it does not portray all men as bad, I found the scenes of men stepping in to stop harassment touching and hopeful, especially where young sons were looking on. As a mother I find nothing more encouraging than fathers and other men setting good examples for our children of treating others with respect. And in our current political climate we need more examples of how to “be the best a man can get.”
  • Posted on: 01/18/2019

    NRF: Attendees show performance anxiety for 2019

    2019 will be an interesting year. Stock market volitility, tariffs, government shutdowns and other political events will all play a toll on consumer confidence and retailer margins. Retailers will be wise to get back to basics, paying attention to their bottom lines and focusing on delighting their customers.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2019

    Some question if digital assistants will ever live up to the hype

    When cell phones came out in the 90s, how many people envisioned what they would be today? The cell phone transformed from a way to place a call on the go to a computer in your pocket. I think we will see the same thing happen with smart speakers. As technology including AI becomes more sophisticated our use of devices like cell phones and smart speakers will evolve.
  • Posted on: 01/09/2019

    Is Lowe’s doing it right with its new tagline?

    A me-too tagline is not going to do much if anything in the competition between Lowe’s and Home Depot. To stand out Lowe’s will need to innovate and find ways to improve the customer experience. It could be enhancing the in-store or online experience. Faster delivery or pick up. Access to home improvement experts to help with projects and so on. Marvin Ellison should be thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas that have the potential to shake up the home improvement industry, not knocking off existing ideas.
  • Posted on: 01/08/2019

    What’s holding back in-store mobile engagement?

    Use of mobile during an in-store shopping trip is complicated. Is the customer just there for a quick trip? Do they have children with them? Are they pushing a shopping cart and juggling a shopping list? Are they more focused on racks of clothes and trying to find the style they like? In these scenarios pulling out a phone to scan and search for deals is likely more trouble than it is worth. It may be wise to look at mobile as a pre-shopping trip experience instead of an in-store experience, used for research, to create shopping lists, and to help the consumer plan the trip to help them get in and out quickly.
  • Posted on: 01/07/2019

    Will AI, tariffs or some other news be the big retailing story of 2019?

    I predict that increased convenience in checkout and delivery will be the big story this year. From improved self checkout like Amazon Go to more free or low-cost same-day, next-day and two-day delivery options. Additional services such as subscription services for consumables like paper towels will also be tested with different delivery programs. 2019 will be all about how to make shopping even more convenient for the customer.

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