Adrian Weidmann

Principal, StoreStream Metrics, LLC

Adrian bridges the ‘business objective’ communication gap between the Chief Marketing Officer and Retail IT. Spanning more than 28 years of introducing emerging digital media technologies and business solutions designed for video, audio and graphics production and strategy, Adrian now assists brands (and retailers) designing and implementing intelligent, integrated omni-channel (mobile, online, on-air, in-store and print) marketing communication and merchandising solutions driven by digital media. Adrian brings direct real-world experience along with a unique balance of innovative creative and technical insight and vision.

Adrian has spent the past 13 years pioneering all aspects of the emerging digital signage sector. He co-authored and published (Relevant Press) the first book for the evolving in-store digital media industry, Lighting Up The Aisle, Principles & Practices For In-Store Digital Media. An early encounter with a retail executive provided clarity – “It’s about selling stuff.” Understanding why, where, how and through whom money flows between brands and retailers to ‘sell stuff’ establish Adrian’s philosophical foundation. He has merged his unique perspective and insight to the art and science of digital media with analytical business fundamentals to assist brands, retailers and their agencies alike to realize the full potential of integrated multi-channel and interactive digital media solutions to enable integrated marketing conversion with measurable results.

Adrian has authored four patent-pending disclosures for digital media network concept and process inventions. Using his proprietary patent-pending software, EVAlidate™, to model the business viability of digital media networks with various monetization strategies, Adrian has brought real world experience and business acumen in designing and developing digital media based network solutions. His brand and digital media network experience includes Lowe’s, The World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, Best Buy, ERN, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dentsu (Japan), Cereja (Brazil), Supervalu, PRN/Wal-mart, Federated Department Stores, Nike, and UnitedHealth Group.

As a Digital Shopper Experience professional, I possess a clear understanding of the transformational (and disruptive) change occurring in retail where digitally empowered shoppers are taking control of how they engage with brands- and design solutions that help brands manage their journey. Having an intimate understanding of the internal and external Retail ecosystem, I am able to successfully design and convey broader digital shopper marketing concepts, strategies and their benefits to all stakeholders. Proven track record of creating digital media strategies and activating technology solutions that bridge home, life and in-store—exceeding corporate and shopper expectations.
  • Posted on: 06/20/2018

    Joann Fabrics’ new concept is all about the experience

    The root issue of the question is "reinvigorate the brand." While enhancements to a concept store will provide insights and marginal business success, I question whether Joann Fabrics as a physical store has relevancy with today's shopper. If they create a meeting point and a destination experience for the sewing community then they've only solved a fraction of their challenge. The bigger challenge is revenue. Will their store experience generate more revenue? Will new people begin to sew and craft and will the new store environment facilitate that transformation? I have my doubts.
  • Posted on: 06/20/2018

    CVS looks to one-up Walgreens, other rivals with nationwide Rx deliveries

    Amazon is preparing to attack this market with their typical fervor. This announcement by CVS is strategically preemptive. The online sale and delivery of prescription drugs is simply far too lucrative. I'm certain Amazon is lobbying at all levels to offer global market pricing for drugs while the pharmaceutical and insurance companies are blocking every attempt. In the end, Amazon will win but it'll be a fierce battle. Simply delivering prescriptions is just the tip of the iceberg and CVS's announcement is the starting gun for this race.
  • Posted on: 06/19/2018

    To catch a Walmart return thief

    Security cameras riddle the ceilings and parking lots of retail stores across the globe. As Dave (Teradata) noted, the use of facial recognition software and AI would have spotted and identified Mr. Fudraker a long time ago. While privacy is a fundamental concern, these thieves are costing all of us billions of dollars. Is that the "price" of privacy we're all willing to pay? I think not.
  • Posted on: 06/19/2018

    Best Buy makes health and wellness tech a strategic priority

    Telemedicine -- the technology and its capabilities are rapidly emerging. Given the state of our national healthcare system, telemedicine holds tremendous potential to reduce healthcare costs while offering better service and care. Best Buy has had its sights on this market for some time. Their infrastructure -- physical stores, technology savvy staff (Geek Squad) and national coverage make telemedicine/health a natural progression. You'll see the emergence of a new job title -- TeleNurse -- who will combine the capabilities of a licensed nurse with technology. "NurseIT" Best Buy's new title and tag line!
  • Posted on: 06/19/2018

    Will an online dating site formula work for pop-ups?

    Pop-ups have proven to be a successful format for many brands. Having the ability to match location and community attributes can be a powerful resource for both real estate owners and brands seeking the most appropriate location to present their products. In order for landlords to maximize their value for the brand community, I would recommend they develop their property with core technology infrastructure to allow the leasing brands to measure as many parameters of their pop-up experiment/experience as possible. Analysis of these measurements will provide the brands with invaluable insights that can be used to further develop their retail strategy.
  • Posted on: 06/18/2018

    Is Amazon killing Barnes & Noble’s chances for a turnaround?

    It's always easier to look in the rear view mirror for answers. In the case of Barnes & Noble and Amazon I suspect the truth, as with most things, lies somewhere in the middle. Barnes & Noble simply didn't respond to the facts before them while Amazon just pressed forward with their online barrage. Far too many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers chose not listen to the news of what they are now all experiencing. To blame Amazon is diverting responsibility and is simply too easy. Those executives that blame Amazon are still cashing their enormous bonus checks and cashing in their stock equity. The retail world in which we are now living should not be a surprise. There were some of us who were helping our clients prepare for today -- some listened, many did not. In the end, it's shoppers that drive expectations and change. A technology superpower like Amazon simply enables service and acceptance.
  • Posted on: 06/18/2018

    Microsoft exploring checkout-less technologies

    The opening of Amazon Go should have shown us all the future of brick-and-mortar retail. The technology superpowers certainly know this and they are all experimenting and developing their answers to this reality. I have been using vision science technology for more than 10 years as a data source but I believe the entire supply chain including checkout will be solved by RFID-based technologies. This technology when integrated into a different workflow paradigm can transform the retail landscape. This will require a collaborative effort by both brands and retailers along with an acknowledgement that retail is, and has always been, a consignment business.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2018

    Facebook to ban advertisers if they don’t clean up their acts

    Facebook has hidden behind "Freedom of Speech" since its inception because it made economic sense -- "everything goes" translates into massive revenue. Now that there's been a backlash due to privacy and security issues, not to mention people of all ages abandoning the platform, Facebook is only now portraying itself as a responsible global citizen -- once again driven by economic factors -- not because of their moral compass or social responsibility.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2018

    Should retailers incentivize store staff to accept digital transformation?

    The short answer is yes! Shoppers are using digital technology to search, explore and educate themselves on what they are seeking. Price, warranty, comparisons, features, capabilities, resale value and consumer reviews are all happening digitally before prospective shoppers leave their homes. Shoppers expect that their in-store experience should be a continuation of that journey -- not anything less! Sales associates should have the means and the tools to enable them to react to their guests, and retailers need to make certain that their staff is educated and incentivized to meet these expectations. I work with FCA and they are currently incentivizing their sales associates across 2600+ dealerships to use a mobile application with an embedded, standardized sales process that is measurable. This same program has relevance in a broad range of retail environments.
  • Posted on: 06/12/2018

    Are chronic online returners only a few bad apples?

    Returns, especially in apparel, are simply part of the reality of being digital. I'm with Paula; buying online and free shipping is the new fitting room. While I advocate for new technology to enable value for the digitally-empowered shopper, free-shipping and returns enable and empower apparel shoppers. Period. To suggest that shoppers should be punished in some manner completely misses the value proposition. The question that should be asked is, "how much product would never have been purchased without free shipping and returns?"
  • Posted on: 06/07/2018

    Retailers get real with high-touch service

    This is a great example of knowing your customer and being true to your brand. We live in a nanosecond world where people use emojis to communicate. Reading anything longer than one sentence seems to be a stretch. Listening to audio seems to be a worthwhile communication medium. If your product and service along with your prospective audience are in-synch, an audio podcast is a great alternative -- at least until this medium becomes saturated. Now I have to go listen to the Dream Beard podcast....
  • Posted on: 06/05/2018

    Is data-driven marketing holding back storytelling?

    Every story has a myriad of perspectives. Every one of those points-of-view has an interested audience. The challenge isn't for the data scientist or the marketing teams -- the challenge is delivering the appropriate story to the interested audience. Matching the attributes of the story and audience is the objective. The data should allow you to define your audience by a set of attributes. The marketing teams can (should) author brand stories that cater to the attributes of your intended audience. The challenge is publishing and delivering those relevant stories to the appropriate audience.
  • Posted on: 06/04/2018

    Does it pay for retailers to price-match their own websites?

    It's hard to believe that retailers DON'T synchronize their on/offline prices! If there is one thing that being digital should have taught us is that there is no hiding! Digitally-empowered shoppers and transparency are one in the same. Any brand trying to squeeze margin dollars will be caught and the backlash can (and will) be costly. Apparently the obvious -- isn't! It takes a Harvard study to validate common sense and RetailWire to convert it to common knowledge.
  • Posted on: 06/04/2018

    Can department stores be reinvented with a pop-up approach?

    Almost every aspect of Neighborhood Goods makes sense! Creating an immersive, experiential AND measurable physical retail environment for brands is what established retailers should have been doing for the past five years! Using a pop-up format to test and measure a broad variety of elements from product packaging all the way through to post-purchase communications would (should!) be invaluable to any brand marketing and selling their goods and services through a physical store.
  • Posted on: 06/01/2018

    Will Rite Aid be of much benefit to Albertsons?

    Mergers and acquisitions are typically designed to purchase revenue and Albertsons is no exception. The challenge is that today's shoppers expect an experience -- whether in-store or online. The challenge for Albertsons (looking through a financial lens) will be to invest in those over 4,900 physical locations to make them desired destinations vis-a-vis their competitors. The shopping experience of those 40 million shoppers every week (along with their wallets) are in the balance.

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