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Principal, Your Retail Authority, LLC
Ms. Kent is Owner/Principal of Your Retail Authority, LLC. and creator of Retail’s former Social Network, She is recognized by retail industry insiders as an authority on retailing and is a seasoned user of new media strategies. Lee likes to talk and exchange ideas about retail particularly on the in-store path to purchase and customer experience design. Look for invitations from Lee to exclusive Retail executive events. You can find her opinions most days on the Retail Wire where she is happy to share her 2 cents.

Lee's current practice focuses on uncovering a brands point of view, customer promises and ability to deliver on them through the creation and/or co-creation of thought leadership initiatives.

In addition to talking endlessly about her passion, Retail, she has directed numerous consulting and strategic initiative engagements. Her clients have included world-renowned companies as well as software providers and start-ups. Lee has served as the NA Retail Industry Practice Leader for a major global managed services provider, Retail Technology Consulting Principal for a Big 4 consulting firm, Director Supplier Management and Integration for an e-commerce start-up venture, Director of Managed Services for a major retail company and has brought her subject matter expertise to smaller organizations in order to help them build strong retail practices.

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  • Posted on: 10/19/2017

    E-commerce chief expects Walmart to ‘crush it’ over next two years

    I have been so impressed with Walmart lately and Marc Lore. They are definitely on the right track with e-commerce, AI and ML. But they can hardly rest on their laurels yet -- it is time to focus on the store and especially their in-stocks. Inventory visibility still seems to plague them and if they can't get this under control, scaling will be impossible. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/19/2017

    Consumers don’t trust what CEOs are saying

    Management needs to define their brand story and then deliver on it in an authentic way. This means from the board room to the back room. The entire brand should sing the same song and deliver a genuine experience. And, as Mark said, if the public does not like the CEO, they have a bigger problem. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/17/2017

    Rent the Runway sees new program leading to a ‘closetless’ future

    I must admit, I do love the concept. I used to be so into clothes and hated to wear the same thing twice. It would have saved me money had I been able to rent new clothes every month. I just see so many issues here though. How long can the fabric withstand heavy duty cleaning? And then there's the "oh no, I have to give my favorite little black dress up," but that's not the question here. Will the reduction in pricing attract more customers? Yes, very likely. Will the concept be sustainable and result in fewer pieces of clothing in our closets? If they do it right they have a shot at growing market share. How much? I'm thinking this market may be smaller than they expect. Not everyone wants to share clothing or cares how often they wear each piece. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/13/2017

    Amazon has plans to deliver packages to car trunks

    Haven't I read that some houses are being built with lockers which allow access from the outside as well as inside of the house? This is a great concept for many purposes in addition to home delivery. But for those who don't have a new house with a locker, let's think about some kind of shed. I'm just not of the opinion that many folks will want delivery people inside their homes. Car trunks? That is OK but again, puts car theft at risk. What have we become now when one of the biggest issues Amazon has to think about is how to get that package the last mile? Sad but true. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/12/2017

    Amazon gives teens their own Prime logins

    I'm just going to be a little bit different here. When I was a young teen/tween, we loved to hop on the bus, go downtown and shop with our own money. What I bought, I kept. My parents did not veto. If the experience Amazon is offering is all covered with parental control, I would likely just ask mom or dad to order it for me. I simply don't see the fun or the independence in this for the teens. But that's just my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/11/2017

    How can retail stores open doors to higher quality applicants?

    This article is about making it easier for the prospect to apply and yes, there is a side benefit that the retailer will be able to respond more quickly when they lose an employee. Maybe. Many, if not most, of these prospects are submitting applications at multiple stores. They likely will not be available if you call them in a few weeks. But I concede that it is not about making the application process easier. We all know it is a much bigger issue than that and Cathy brings up one aspect in her remarks. How do we stop the vicious cycle of prospects who are just looking for a job to pay for something new and then they are gone? Retail has a long way to go before they sleep on this one. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2017

    Is Ace on-brand with The Grommet acquisition?

    I love that Ace is doing this. Yes, it is all about creating some excitement in-store that makes for great experiences. And what is more exciting than to check out new, innovative products? If Ace can wrap their knowledgeable associates around these new products, like they do all the rest of their products, this could make for great community also. Kudos to Ace and my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2017

    Walmart seeks online edge with 35-second returns

    This sounds very exciting and convenient for the customer however, I can't help but ask the question -- will it help relieve the significant losses attributed to returns? This process will likely encourage the consumer to buy more with the option to easily return what they don't want and that only drives up costs and losses to the retailer. No doubt Walmart has thought about that so let's just see how it works out. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/09/2017

    Office Depot to transform into IT service giant after $1B deal

    The concept sounds like a go. I can see service guys driving to service calls in trucks loaded with supplies, too, just in case there are cross-sell and upsell opportunities. The big IF is whether they can pull it off. Services take smiles, enthusiasm and a passion for the brand. Do they have that? For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/09/2017

    Are retailers confusing customer service with the customer experience?

    Excellent Ken! Customer experience is what the brand does to and for the customer throughout the shopping journey. Customer service is only a piece of that and often tied to mishaps. Whatever the brand can do to eliminate those mishaps would improve the customer's experience dramatically. If Starbucks can get me to the head of the line AND get my order right? That is the big picture of customer experience. They make my life easy, smooth and the interaction successful. I will go back! And I will tell my friends. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/06/2017

    Can e-tailers use ‘digital body language’ to convert shoppers?

    To echo Ken and Bob, this sounds very sophisticated and hard to grasp for today's retailers. Let's just keep it simple for now and start with AI. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/05/2017

    Have retailers killed off Black Friday?

    Holiday shoppers are always looking for the best deal. Just because other retailers may open on Thanksgiving and get a jump on the season, that doesn't mean many of them won't be coming out on Black Friday if there are good enough sales. Remember, most holiday shopping isn't done in a day. Give them a reason to come into the store and then provide great service and they will come. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/04/2017

    Can retailers be healthcare disruptors?

    This is not just about existing retailers jumping into this space but also clinics popping up that look like retailers. I won't bore you with my ailments but needless to say, I have to have my blood panels done every month. Currently I have to make an appointment with my doctor, go in and wait and then have my blood work done and sent out for a ridiculous amount. And you ask what's wrong with our healthcare? Its not so much about how many payers there are as it is about the way things work and all at the expense of the patient. Wouldn't it be nice to hop into a local, convenient "store" to get this done? And to be able to pick up items that you might need related to your condition(s)? This is a great place for retailers to start looking at new services and opportunities. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 09/29/2017 is stepping out of Walmart’s shadow

    I'm not 100 percent sold on why Walmart needs to have two dot-com presences however, if Jet will allow them more flexibility with fewer constraints, then perhaps this is the right move. I do love that Walmart is reaching out to new customers with fresh product offerings. This is key. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 09/28/2017

    Burger King buses in customers in need of a Whopper fix

    Tie this to Shep's promotional ideas and yes, they are on to something. Kudos for my 2 cents.

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