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RetailWire Privacy Policy for Registered Readers

This privacy policy applies to RetailWire.com, owned by RetailWire LLC. For questions, please contact us at:

RetailWire LLC
PO Box 150546
Brooklyn, NY 11215

We respect our readers' privacy and collect information provided by our readers upon registration, and when they update their profiles. This information is used by RetailWire to provide reports in aggregate to our sponsors, and to provide contact-specific information when permission is given by the individual reader.

When a reader comments on a RetailWire discussion, they have the option to remain anonymous, or to give us permission to publish their name, title, and company. If a reader wishes to remain anonymous, they will be identified by the 'handle' that they chose upon registration (or updates to their profile). If a reader gives us permission, we will attach their name, title and company to their comment.

When a reader downloads a sponsored piece of content from the site, such as a white paper, case study, article, or presentation, they will be asked to provide their contact information and then click a 'submit' button. At that point, they are giving us permission to forward their contact information to the sponsor of the content. (Above the 'submit' button, you will typically see a statement like this: "By clicking SUBMIT, I give you permission to forward my contact information to designated members of the sponsor's staff.") Readers may also grant us permission to forward their contact information to sponsors when registering for a sponsored webinar or other RetailWire-hosted event.

Reader profiles, once collected via registration, will be used internally by authorized RetailWire staff in such functions as website and systems administration and for site traffic analysis. RetailWire may use your information to contact you to communicate information about our site features and services, or for internal marketing and sales purposes. RetailWire will not sell or otherwise transfer your contact information to any third parties without your explicit consent, as noted above.

Any reader may opt out of any RetailWire mailing list they are on at any time and may edit their profile which is found via a link in the top right-hand portion of our home page. Any reader may also request to be removed from our database at any time by sending an email to: info@retailwire.com with "Remove" or "Unsubscribe" in the subject line. RetailWire will endeavor to process all requests within 48 hours.

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