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Joe Tsai, executive vice chairman of Alibaba, had harsh words yesterday for a report by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in China that alleged the e-commerce giant has not done enough to rid counterfeit goods and illegal products sold by parties on its Tmall marketplace. Do you agree with Alibaba's Joe Tsia that the ultimate success of the company's business is built on the trust that consumers place in the site?
Target's recent tactical retreat from Canada struck many as a cautionary tale. Against the backdrop of that lesson comes the first big-name retailer to give the Canadian market a shot since Target's flop. Japanese-owned clothing retailer Uniqlo announced that it is opening two flagship stores in Toronto in the fall of 2016. What challenges might Uniqlo face as it approaches the Canadian market?
While knowing a customer's name is often praised as top-notch customer service for a sales associate, hugging can apparently go too far. A cashier in Michigan was fired last year for inappropriate hugging, dividing sentiments in a small town. Where should the the line be drawn between friendly, personable service by store associates and annoyance or creepiness?
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