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While most purchases take place by way of third-party channels, consumers would prefer to buy directly from their favorite brands if given the option, according to a survey from BrandShop. Does it make sense that consumers would rather transact directly with favorite brands online than third-party sellers?
From smart fitting rooms to touchscreen-enabled robots rolling through home centers, retailers are looking for new ways to improve the shopping experience. The latest experiment on this front comes from Uniqlo and its UMood t-shirt technology. Do you see an opportunity for retailers to use brainwave monitoring as a way to drive sales in stores?
Amazon's long-awaited answer to Etsy is here. Yesterday the e-tail giant announced the launch of Handmade at Amazon, a new online store featuring items made by artisans and sold directly to consumers. How do you expect the competition between the two online marketplaces to play out?
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