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Looking back to the days when shopping centers were not just about commerce but entertainment and community as well could help explain some of the most significant changes currently being made in retailing. Do you see the mall concept given new life with the aid of outdoor lifestyle centers?
For years, analysts have said Toys "R" Us could not hope to compete on price with the likes of Walmart and Amazon. And for years, management at the toy chain has promised changes that would transform the business. Do you think added play space and interactive technology will get kids asking their parents to take them to Toys "R" again?
We've seen the future of retail and it includes robots. And in the case of the Mitsukoshi department store, the robot known as Aiko Chihira from Toshiba looks like a young woman. Do you see a future in which robots replace humans as sales associates in retail stores?
USA Today - 4/16/2015
The Washington Post (tiered sub.) - 4/16/2015
The New York Times (tiered sub.) - 4/16/2015
The Columbus Dispatch (tiered sub.) - 4/17/2015
Los Angeles Times (tiered sub.) - 4/17/2015
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