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In some ways Apple's Genius Bar has been a standout in customer service. Yet recently, the Genius Bar has fallen victim to criticism because of the inefficiency of the reservation process. Apple now may be rolling out an app for that. Could adding features like chat and other customer service necessities lead to greater retailer app use by shoppers?
A new online service called PriceLocal aims to level the playing field with Amazon.com and let local retailers price match items and provide same-day availability. Do you think shoppers will use a tool like PriceLocal to find products at local businesses rather than making a purchase from Amazon?
Democratic Party sponsors in the House and Senate have introduced new legislation that would create a single standard for front of package labeling for food products. Do you agree that front of package food labels can be misleading to consumers?
Re/code - 11/24/2015
The Wall Street Journal (sub. required) - 11/24/2015
The Associated Press/New York Daily News - 11/25/2015
MLive/The Grand Rapids Press - 11/25/2015
KeepMECurrent.com - 11/24/2015
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