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While considering the lofty expectations and numerous hurdles, last week's surprising move by the U.S. government to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, there may be opportunities for U.S. retailing and classic American brands. What opportunities would the lifting of the economic embargo with Cuba and ending the broad travel ban offer to U.S. retailers and American brands?
In the interest of avoiding the word "prediction" because that involves a little more precision than space allows, here are five big trends we think will dominate the retail technology landscape in 2015. Which retail technology trends do you see getting the most buzz in 2015? Will other trends have a greater impact than those mentioned in the article?
According to a study commissioned by Argos, the U.K. retailer, 59 percent of U.K. shoppers agreed they "morph" their retail purchasing behavior at Christmas in order to "compete," with a noticeable shift to more online shopping. How is digital shopping different during the holiday season than the rest of the year?
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