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Whole Foods is looking to broaden the appeal of its new 365 concept by making space available within its stores for complementary businesses that appeal to Millennials, like body care products, fashion, food and drinks, record shops and tattoo parlors. Do you think the Friends of 365 store-within-a-store concept will be helpful in attracting Millennials?
With all the talk of Amazon's push for package delivery by drone, it has become easy to imagine a drone-dominated sky. But another big tech player is exploring a different solution. Quartz reported that Google has patented an unmanned, self-driving delivery truck. What automated delivery model, if any, do you see as being most viable for retailers and customers?
Burger King's management thinks they are onto something big — we're talking Whopper-like big. So, what's the next big thing in fast food? "Flame-grilled" hot dogs. Will the chain-wide availability of hot dogs propel sales to a new, higher level at Burger King?
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