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It's never been easy figuring out whether big box and chain retailers have been good or bad for the economy as a whole. On the one hand, they offer consumers tons of SKUs at good prices. On the other hand, they have put lots of small retailers out of business. With advancement potential, do chain/big box retailers offer a better career path than smaller stores?
Consumers appear to like the option of being able to leave anonymous reviews. Many stores and restaurants also appear okay with the practice. The problem is that some businesses hate them — and they're litigating. Do anonymous reviews help or hurt the quality of reviews on consumer review websites?
Researchers at Goldsmiths University, London, have produced research that enabled eBay U.K. to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with a "piece of music that uses sounds scientifically proven to help people make better shopping decisions," according to the Daily Telegraph. Should sound be a much larger component of online shopping?
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