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Ordering clothes, trying them on and returning them is nothing new for many online shoppers, typically across a number of brands from a single website, such as Zappos. Try.com provides a way to "try" stuff from multiple retail websites at once. Will try-on apparel websites appeal to large numbers of consumers?
Digital ads work, particularly for dollar stores and warehouse clubs, according to research by Placed, a firm that specializes in location analytics. Will having the ability to track consumer behavior connected to digital ads result in a significant increase in retailer budgets going to this delivery method?
Google Glass is back and it's ready to work. The second generation of the wearable device is being rolled out to a select number of certified "Glass for Work" partners, according to 9to5Google. Do you see specific uses for wearable devices such as Glass in the retail supply chain and/or store environments?
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Fashion Times - 7/30/2015
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The Associated Press/Yahoo! Finance - 7/31/2015
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