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Early previews indicate that Macy's Backstage, the department store's first foray into the off-price channel, will offer much more of a treasure hunt experience than the more destination-driven experience of its flagship chain. How effective will Macy's Backstage be in the company's efforts to reach the Millennial mom?
What's going on in China and is it good or bad for consumers (and thus retail)? How do you expect China's currency devaluation and its less certain economy to affect U.S. retail? Do you see repercussions limited to the stock market or something more?
In the latest of its far-flung experiments into delivery, Amazon has applied for a patent for delivering packages on public transit, i.e. buses, subways and trains. What do you think of the opportunity to delivery packages on public transport? How may such a system have to be tweaked to work?
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