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An Instant Poll that recently appeared on the home page of CPGmatters.com sheds some light on an important part of social media evaluation; namely, ROI. Do marketers think social media is a success? Not really. How tough is ROI determination for social media? What promising approaches are there?
Hackers, it turns out, are looking to bring the mayhem with the least amount of work necessary. According to a report, hackers scan for remote access apps, use high-speed programs to determine an individual's log-in information, and off they go. How would you advise retailers to deal with cyber security issues around remote access apps?
Frozen food units and volume haven't been down for the past few years because of all the dollar stores, club stores, drugstores and haberdasheries taking away share. Are less stringent rules over nutritional labeling around supermarket perimeters and foodservice a large part of the reason frozen foods as well as center store has been struggling in recent years?
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