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Amazon's first quarter results blew past analyst expectations. When all was said and done, Amazon's net sales increased 28 percent for the period and profits were up for the fourth consecutive quarter. What is your take on the health of Amazon's retail business based on the latest earnings report?
At its F8 Developer Conference in mid-April, Facebook opened its Messenger platform to chatbot services, an enhancement that the social media giant said will change the way users access information, retail goods and entertainment. Do you see chatbots transforming how retailers communicate with consumers?
There's nothing new about Target's sponsorship of the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards show. The big news is that Target has significantly increased its marketing budget intended to attract and retain Hispanic customers. How have changing demographics within Hispanic communities affected consumer marketing in recent years?
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Western Journalism - 4/28/2016
Adweek - 4/29/2016
The Associated Press/CBS News - 4/28/2016
The Washington Post (tiered sub.) - 4/28/2016
New York Post - 4/28/2016
Lincoln Journal Star - 4/28/2016
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