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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has joined other business leaders in Arkansas and the state Chamber of Commerce in opposing HB 1228, a bill known as the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Should retailers and their representative organizations lobby states to oppose or amend "religious freedom" laws that do not offer strong anti-discrimination provisions?
The hard part with digital is that there are a lot of guessing games around how consumers shop. With mobile in particular, there are a lot questions around what consumers are really trying to accomplish. How should retailers be rethinking the path to purchase with digital and mobile, in particular?
As a USA Today article points out, this is not an April Fool's joke. Amazon has created a way for consumers to order the products they need with a simple push of a button. It's called Dash. It's the Internet of Things coming right to your home, no wires attached. Is the introduction of Amazon's Dash button a signal that the Internet of Things is closer to reality than many think?
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