Larry Negrich

Director, Business Development, TXT Retail

Larry brings over 20 years of enterprise software experience in roles including marketing, business development, sales and product development. Larry’s professional background includes stints at leading enterprise software companies including TXT Retail, Microsoft, JDA, Retek, EDS and Avnet. Larry began his professional career as an application developer for the Barros Research Institute.

Larry received his undergraduate degree in Journalism with a specialization in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University.

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TXT Retail

Currently at TXT Retail with past stops at Avnet, Microsoft, Retek and JDA.
  • Posted on: 06/26/2017

    Will Sears get traction with its new appliance and mattress store concept?

    The white goods (still called that?) category is not handled well by the major DIYs. Mattresses are under-represented by the warehouse clubs and ignored by the DIYs, but a number of online retailers are attacking this space. Beyond the branding issues this represents, the more immediate issue is can the behemoth that is Sears be operationally efficient enough to make this store format work for them? While I don't believe this is the best option for Sears, it does represent a better path forward than what they currently face. So if success is defined as keeping some doors open for as long as possible, then I see this as a success.
  • Posted on: 06/23/2017

    What will a Nike/Amazon deal mean for the brand and other retailers?

    In the short term this should be a zero-sum game for Nike. The potential damage of this arrangement is to Nike’s current retail partners as they lose sales to the Amazon channel. In the long term I would expect more retailers to look to replace Nike products when possible with store brands or other competitive alternatives.
  • Posted on: 06/19/2017

    Did Amazon just patent tech that could end showrooming in its stores?

    With the addition of physical stores, I expect Amazon to offer an engaging in-store app experience utilizing this technology as well as other in-aisle/in-store location technologies. Amazon will surely up in-store promotion tech to make offers/communication based on the shoppers’ web searches made from within the store.As far as this specific technology, I expect Amazon to use every technological advantage they have, including monitoring of Wi-Fi activity. Of course, the effectiveness of this technology requires the shopper to utilize the free Wi-Fi/app and anyone not logged into the in-store network or Amazon app would not be monitored.
  • Posted on: 06/13/2017

    Can retailers escape the scourge of free shipping?

    Amazon, through Prime, has been successful at convincing consumers that shipping is free. So retailers need to find a way to blunt this with some sort of collective delivery service offering to defray the cost, eat the cost of shipping and hope there is enough room in the product margin to cover or, as Walmart is trying with a few new tactics such as pick-up discounts, change the perception. Challenging times for any retailer that wants to hold on to its margins and customers. As long as Amazon can use its other businesses to shore up its lack of profit margins in its retail business and have investors and Wall Street not care, then many retailers will have a difficult time competing.
  • Posted on: 06/08/2017

    What does At Home know that Amazon, Wayfair and other online furniture sellers do not?

    This is the type of story that reinforces my belief in the ability of smart retailers to understand their shoppers and create the processes, promotions and product selection that deliver to that shopper a great experience -- online or physical. Too many retailers seem to have a business belief that can be summed up in the phrase, “build it and they will come.” Just showing up and doing the basics of retail whether online or in stores is no longer enough to win the shopper’s purchase. More correctly applied to retail, and exemplified by At Home, the phrase retailers should aspire to as they recreate the shopping experience is, “Build it right and they will come ... and buy things.”
  • Posted on: 06/06/2017

    Is UNTUCKit the next big thing in apparel retailing?

    The most interesting aspect of this story is this online retailer, UNTUCKit, was able to secure VC funding to open more stores. How bleeding edge! Perhaps we are in the throes of a retail renaissance.
  • Posted on: 06/05/2017

    Are retailers selling their souls and giving away customers to Amazon?

    This is not about the tiny amount of incremental revenue gained as a seller of a device. When a retailer sells Alexa or sells products on it is validating these services to the consumer, making it easier for the shopper to shop its competitor, and further minimizing its own brands’ reach and value. For a retailer to use AWS as its hosting provider is to provide funding for a competitor. I don’t understand why any retailer who wants to have its own channels and support its own brands would participate in any of these activities.
  • Posted on: 06/02/2017

    Can Walmart workers deliver better last mile results on their way home from work?

    In a time of leveraging underutilized assets (Uber, Airbnb, etc) Walmart’s incorporation of its vast employee network to execute local delivery has some merit. Lots of challenges to systems, liability questions and associated pay practices need to be established but as Walmart has the 2nd largest employee network in the US, this does give it some additional advantages and shows there is additional value to harvested from brick and mortar store operations.
  • Posted on: 05/30/2017

    Will Google change the game by linking clicks to in-store purchases?

    This certainly provides an additional signal but seems to overly weight adwords contribution in the sale. Many influences, including TV, radio, print, alternative search can all play a part and Google is in the business of selling its products.The privacy part of this is laughable. Google and info feeders can throw around the term “double-blind” all they like but if they can use AI to correlate the click and purchase there is little doubt additional data layers could be used to easily identify the individual.
  • Posted on: 05/26/2017

    Can Walmart’s sweepstakes game teach the unbanked to ‘bank’ their money?

    Looks like Walmart has created another way to weave itself into the fabric of its customers’ lives. Good value to the customers as this is a convenience without an associated cost. With interest rates so low and many banks charging a fee for low balance accounts, the consumer is not giving up anything by depositing money into these accounts. Program needs additional methods of getting in-bound funding to let users deposit when the urge hits them.
  • Posted on: 05/25/2017

    Is a self-service model Macy’s ticket to success?

    What this reinforces is the need for all retailers to embrace innovation and then to test and implement, always keeping an eye on how it affects the business and the customer experience. Self-service will surely work in some departments and others will need higher-touch. Beyond the product there is a level of service expectation that Macy’s needs to maintain if they are to keep their slot in the department store sector.
  • Posted on: 05/19/2017

    Is Walmart on track to offer customers a seamless shopping experience?

    Good to see a retailer that is openly lauding the advantages that physical stores deliver in the omnichannel experience. The store can be a giant asset in distribution, display, service and presence that needs to be fully exploited to change the trajectory of some retailers.
  • Posted on: 05/17/2017

    Has J.C. Penney figured out a fix for its fashion problem?

    I mostly agree with the comments that indicate that the issue with J.C. Penney is the brand J.C. Penney. I would advise them to continue to bring in the brands and stores-within-stores as they have done with Sephora and, at least for the foreseeable future, push brands to the front and Penney to the back. Nike at J.C. Penney, Sephora at J.C. Penney, etc. Until J.C. Penney has proven itself to deliver a good enough shopping experience via the brand selection and improvement of service. Then someday they can push their brands up a bit. It's a long road and all department stores face big challenges BUT have some good assets in their stores. Leverage what you've got ...
  • Posted on: 05/17/2017

    Did Starbucks turn its POS outage into a win?

    Happy customers and good PR -- all at the price of a few cups of coffee. It's time for Starbucks to expand and buy an airline.
  • Posted on: 05/16/2017

    Will Walmart’s next-gen store fly with shoppers?

    I would keep trying to find ways to interact via the phone of the shopper and not waste resources on signs and displays. Tying all channels together as seamlessly as possible as they are doing is positive; 2-day pickup is interesting, but optional home delivery (with a cost) should be available.

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