Larry Negrich

Director, Marketing & Business Development, TXT Retail

Larry brings over 20 years of enterprise software experience in roles including marketing, business development, sales and product development. Larry’s professional background includes stints at leading enterprise software companies including TXT Retail, Microsoft, JDA, Retek, EDS and Avnet. Larry began his professional career as an application developer for the Barros Research Institute.

Larry received his undergraduate degree in Journalism with a specialization in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University.

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TXT Retail

Currently at TXT Retail with past stops at Avnet, Microsoft, Retek and JDA.
  • Posted on: 12/15/2017

    Best Buy’s gadget rental relationship didn’t get off the ground

    Many “gadgets” are fun and exciting during the honeymoon period, then usage wanes. I’d be hesitant to rent these devices for test runs during the excitement period only to have them returned once the shine wears off.
  • Posted on: 12/04/2017

    Does Everlane need to open stores?

    There are many solid reason to open physical stores and in this case one more: a PR burst. Going against their vow to never open a store is a nice angle for publications to devote some attention. It this store doesn’t work out they can go for another publicity burst by closing this store and discussing all the reasons why physical doesn’t make sense for them.
  • Posted on: 12/01/2017

    What is increased mobile holiday traffic doing for sales?

    The trend of increased shopping and buying via mobile isn’t going to slow soon. In response to the question, yes, retailers should be investing in improvements across technology, stores and sites to improve the mobile shopping experience. In-store interaction via mobile phones has great promise for promotions and service.
  • Posted on: 11/10/2017

    Has Google solved the problem of long lines at grocery checkouts?

    Crowdsourcing certainly has its application, but grocery shopping is such a convenience-driven activity that I am not sure information on wait times would cause many to adjust plans. Besides the 90 seconds to find the data on Google could be used to stand in line…
  • Posted on: 11/06/2017

    Date-certain shipping is the new holiday imperative for retailers

    Yes, an option that allows the consumer to receive merchandise when they would like to receive it is the best option. The last-mile is still a challenge in many areas of the country.
  • Posted on: 10/20/2017

    Walmart to open web mall with Lord & Taylor as an anchor

    As increases its site traffic numbers to a range closer to Amazon, retailers will feel the need to participate just as they have with Amazon. becomes another channel, a major online anchor for retailers to leverage.
  • Posted on: 10/09/2017

    Office Depot to transform into IT service giant after $1B deal

    Good step that should lead to better overall operating margins. Better utilization of their store space and some mechanisms to draw customers in should be priorities.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2017

    Will Target’s wage hikes be a differentiator?

    Higher wages to good employees is a valuable incentive for those retailers whose margins and expected profit can allow it. The application of a blanket wage policy is a mistake for any retailer. Why not give more flexibility to the store manager to be able to offer a higher wage to qualified, skilled employees and a lower wage for those truly entry-level employees? Get the best employees then pay them even more to keep them as good retail employees totally change the in-store shopping experience. That said, the available labor pool is going to continue to shrink as national employment levels increase so retail wages will have to be more competitive.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2017

    Walmart’s Christmas plans do not include seasonal hires

    As long as Walmart has the employee capacity to meet the demands of the holiday season, this appears to be a good idea.
  • Posted on: 09/21/2017

    Albertsons buys its way into the meal kit business with Plated acquisition

    This could be a good acquisition for Albertsons if they can find ways to share some of their infrastructure, beyond inside the store, to power their Plated business. With locations in neighborhoods and distribution centers for support, this should give Plated the ability to service their customers and take advantage of existing infrastructure. Like everything else in retail though, this will come down to execution excellence.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2017

    Will retailers drive the next phase in digital marketing?

    Brands have some room to investigate whether the investment in creating platforms is worth it. I think these types of endeavors can be more distracting to the retailer. Most retailers should strive to fully leverage existing platforms.
  • Posted on: 09/15/2017

    Will Postmates’ on-demand delivery work better as a subscription model?

    From an industry perspective, I do see the value of a subscription pricing model. However, I don’t see this single offering being a tipping point of success or failure. The company that executes the best over a longer period of time will be the eventual winner in the restaurant/food delivery space and there is a long way to go to the finish line.
  • Posted on: 09/12/2017

    Nordstrom tries a no-merchandise store

    The shopper can't immediately get their purchase, shopper has to try on "samples" (yuck), retailer has to supplement the supply chain with stylist visiting local stores to pick up merchandise, etc. What about this concept works for either the shopper or the retailer? Nordstrom already has a great in-store experience to offer shoppers, so I'm not sure why they would want to create a knock-off experience. The savings in real estate and inventory cost don't balance out the scale.
  • Posted on: 09/07/2017

    Is Kohl’s giving away the store to Amazon?

    An odd decision. I would say that a shopper who has already purchased an Alexa via Amazon would then also purchase most of their Alexa-related extras directly from Amazon too. This is the Amazon shopper. This person would not be driven to visit a Kohl's to make an additional Alexa-related product.So, Kohl's isn’t getting business that would be going to Amazon, but is giving up some portion of its shopper’s wallet and time-in-store to improve the future channel of Amazon in the form of selling an Alexa-related product. I don’t see that there is enough margin, traffic or PR value for that arrangement to be a positive for Kohl's.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2017

    Are Whole Foods’ price cuts game-changing for food retailing?

    No. This is a lot of hype driving lots of free press (which is what Amazon is best at in retail) about insignificant price reductions. Amazon needs a way to find the margin in grocery that enables it to someday profitably deliver groceries to homes. Many have tried to make that model work and I’m not convinced Amazon will be any more successful than others, outside of densely populated, urban areas.

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