Larry Negrich

Director, Business Development, TXT Retail

Larry brings over 20 years of enterprise software experience in roles including marketing, business development, sales and product development. Larry’s professional background includes stints at leading enterprise software companies including TXT Retail, Microsoft, JDA, Retek, EDS and Avnet. Larry began his professional career as an application developer for the Barros Research Institute.

Larry received his undergraduate degree in Journalism with a specialization in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University.

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TXT Retail

Currently at TXT Retail with past stops at Avnet, Microsoft, Retek and JDA.
  • Posted on: 10/25/2016

    Is time running out on smartwatches?

    It's still early in the wearables cycle. More functionality, more integration with phones, more life-relevance, more fashion will all be drivers.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2016

    What follows all-day breakfast at McDonald’s?

    I visit In-N-Out Burger because I love a single item; the burger. I visit McDonald's because of a time crunch/total convenience. McDonald's needs an item or two that will compel visitors during each serving period. Without the introduction of some compelling items, McDonald's is just the brand with market share waiting for competitors to eat their lunch. (I had to :).)
  • Posted on: 10/11/2016

    Will the “Made by Google” pop-up shops be followed by a retail chain?

    Google has the money. Just about any venture it enters could lose vast amounts of money for years and still have almost no impact on its bottom line. But is there any advantage to be derived by Google to become a retailer over the long-term? Google can already directly touch most consumers to promote itself, its products, its ideas. It can conduct long-term research projects through any number of methods and ventures, including pop-up stores. As showcases, test labs, and PR devices some retail visibility makes sense. However, retail is hard and a long-term presence could have as much negative impact on its brand as positive. I don’t see a time when Google will want to be the anchor store at Westgate mall.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2016

    Supply chain management: Lessons not learned

    The changes needed require a commitment from management on down to a long period of chaos as systems, processes and, inevitably, people change. The alternative is to fall even further behind in the race to shorten the fulfillment of shopper demand. There are many solid business reasons for retailers to look at on-shoring for the final mile of the supply chain.
  • Posted on: 10/07/2016

    Target piloting Amazon Alexa voice search rival

    The proof is always in the execution. This has great potential to be a useful technology for both online and in-store shopping and I hope it will be applied to a number of existing issues for shoppers. For instance, the extremely simple task of in-store product location, which I thought would have been solved long ago, continues to be an issue. Kiosks, apps have been assigned to handle this but in the end store layout variability, stock location, product names continue to impede efforts to solve this simple task. So, NLP has great potential to be helpful, but retailers would be wise to have the right (boring, old school) systems in place to give NLP a chance to succeed.
  • Posted on: 10/05/2016

    Will Craftsman be better off without Sears?

    Craftsman as a tool brand has great potential to be sold by other retailers. It's a solid, mid-priced tool brand and has brand value that can be leveraged better than it is today. Good development (if true) for Craftsman.
  • Posted on: 10/05/2016

    Why aren’t more retail apps being downloaded?

    Looking at just the download number may not be the best metric to focus on for a retailer. A retailer needs to evaluate what is right for its shopper and its goals and then determine the mechanisms in which to invest. Does the brand, shopping experience, interaction level of the shopper work within the structure of the app experience? If so then an investment in an app as large part of strategy may be a benefit. That said, the gross numbers of app downloads is only one metric. Are the most loyal shoppers using the app? Are shoppers with apps buying visiting more often? Lots of ways to leverage and to evaluate the value of an app's strategy.
  • Posted on: 10/05/2016

    Will Google’s new devices give Apple and Amazon some competition?

    Google’s entry gives it the ability to better control the ecosystem, create more seamless mobile experiences and establish a way to get into homes and businesses in the future to control the downstream experience potential. I see Amazon’s Echo as the device, and ioT’s potential and Facebook’s ever-presence as the drivers that have spurred Google to take a step into hardware. The goal isn’t to be a maker of hardware, we’ve seeing the profit of phones dropping out as the replacement cycles are getting longer. It’s the omnipresent connection that has the most potential value to Google in the future.
  • Posted on: 10/04/2016

    Are the alternatives any better than annual performance reviews?

    Frequent feedback and formal(like) reviews should occur monthly for retail store employees. Having a single, annual review in the retail industry, where the length of an employee's stay may only be a year or two is not beneficial to the employee or the retailer.
  • Posted on: 09/29/2016

    Will opening hotels help West Elm sell more furniture?

    As a setting for experimentation and intelligence gathering, or as a PR vehicle, this has some promise. But I continue to be a believer in perfecting the core competency of the business rather than in trying to be good at two things at once. This has great potential to be an internal distraction and only small potential to sell more furniture.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2016

    Will Walmart’s ‘restorative justice’ reduce shoplifting?

    As Walmart’s plan is outlined, it looks to be giving an option to the shoplifter and to the store. It’s not vigilante justice, extortion, or lack of due process, it’s an agreement reached between the shoplifter and the store that allows both parties to keep the matter out of the criminal justice system. The alternative solution to the problem of excessive theft is to spend more money to increase onerous security measures (security tags, cameras, guards, sensors) and to follow through on arrests and prosecutions of shoplifter.
  • Posted on: 09/21/2016

    Is consumer demand really that unpredictable?

    The prediction of the demand is becoming more achievable but the operationalization still takes place in the physical world which is a challenge as trends in fashion happen faster and are wedged into shorter windows. Big data consumption is not yet at a stage that it is very helpful in the execution. Nice to know that a certain fashion item is resonating well by listening to social chatter, but being able to take action on those signals will require shortening of and precision in the supply chain.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2016

    Why did Walmart buy

    Good points all. What I think Jet gives Walmart is online identity. does big business and the good and bad is that it’s seen as the online version of Walmart. Jet stands out and by doing so gives Walmart a chance to build an online property that can set it apart.
  • Posted on: 09/13/2016

    Amazon and Fanatics play ‘anytime, anywhere, anyhow’ commerce on game day

    Wherever there is a large, predictable gathering with similar short-term purchasing needs and longer-term group affiliation (football fans, concert fans, etc.) there exists a great opportunity for a prepared retailer. There is an unfilled void and large potential for specific item sales that is not served by stadium concession stands and t-shirt vendors. These are large enough events that they can be planned out well in advance by the retailer -- this is smart retailing.
  • Posted on: 09/09/2016

    These social media behaviors are turning off your followers

    Each social media platform has a set of unique subscriber expectations that should be adhered to by retail marketers. One of the most valuable tools in email marketing was giving subscribers the ability to give input on frequency, topics of interest, and other information allowing marketers to improve the message and meet expectations. Some social media platforms allow for this type of input and segmentation.When the brand doesn’t take advantage of targeting and blankets the subscribers with everything is when interest goes down and unsubscribes go up.

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