gordon arnold

sales management consultant
40+ years of sales.
With these practiced abilities I can quickly assess and match both the company’s worth to the qualified prospectus and reliably asses the market's acceptance. These attributes when put to work will ensure growth for the company and the company’s customers.


Working with new materials to grasp the effectiveness as a solution for the overall project.
Identify, meet with and discuss opportunities of mutual benefit to fully qualified business prospects and turning these efforts into a mutually profitable business relationship.
Full capability to operate successfully any and all modern and/or time experienced office communications, presentation, production and Information Technology equipment.
Weighing the relative costs and benefits of a potential action.
Using logic and analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.
Teaching others how to create a new concept, design, build and implement a solution correctly.
Determining all of the tools needed to do a job right the first time.
Understanding written communications in all work related documents.
Communicating effectively with others in writing in order to get the desired effect or response.
Assessing how well one is doing when learning or teaching.
Using multiple approaches when learning or teaching.
Observing products, services and processes for the purpose of determining quality and performance factors against the determined needs of the company and/or customer(s).
Preparing accurate reports in advance of the time required to make necessary changes.
Motivating, developing and directing people as they work together to complete their goals.
The ability to understand and follow corporate rules and guidelines and teach them to others.
The ability to identify market needs and response and to then react appropriately.
The ability to meet and exceed required profit and market share levels.
  • Posted on: 07/21/2017

    Did Amazon just send Sears a life line with their Kenmore deal?

    Consumers purchase appliances when they purchase their first home and when they must be replaced. Price is the third place priority for either of these two conditions yielding to delivery and availability. The phrase “show me what you can deliver on this date at this time” is a part of almost every transaction along with “can I get this delivered today?”The consumer service issues for this market make it very difficult to control costs and losses. Things like scratches, dimples, dings, wrong color and the ever popular “this isn’t working or what I ordered” will show Amazon a whole new meaning to customer service in the land of big ticket consumer sales. I admire the Bezos empire for their courage in selecting the wounded, Sears & Whole Foods, as their partners it these recent market efforts. But I just can’t stop wondering what are they are thinking. On top of this, they will be taking on some serious competition like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s with what looks like both hands tied behind their back. This stuff may be a lot of fun to watch.
  • Posted on: 07/20/2017

    Is the one-stop grocery shop coming to an end?

    We may be witnessing the advent of specialty grocery stores. Living here in the Northeast congestion, we find cities and suburbs are still segmented into cultural neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods are willing and able to support small grocery businesses that cater to the wants and wishes that sustain eating habits and preferences that are not yet commonplace in this cold furnace melting pot we claim. I have found this to be a means to remember the many business journeys of my business past and present. Visiting these specialty stores has allowed me to create meals that are exactly like I have enjoyed while away. This is the good reason for multiple stop shopping. The bad reasons remain the same as in wide range of prices for staple product and produce and, sad to say, out-of-stocks for the imperatives.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2017

    Is Best Buy’s latest Geek Squad service a blueprint for niche IoT?

    For the incompatibility issues out there, I see internet service providers being in direct line to make the Internet of Things and it suppliers work for consumers. It would be a profitable market versus giving away time and phones. Best Buy's ability to get technologies to work together is far too limited.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2017

    Is online fulfillment from stores too complex for e-grocery?

    Online store shopping and delivery is still new to the market. Companies that invest in this will need to be open to changes that include store floor layout, enhanced logistics software and closer communications with vendors. The fact that critical data files that are not compatible with one another is going to be the largest problem facing the Information Technology departments out there.As for store operations, the long overdue department prioritizing projects will soon determine just how unprepared grocery retailers with an entrenched tasking prime directives truly are. A corporate “make it work with what we have” approach will cut deep into profits and customer satisfaction index. To make this more complex, the need to know where inventory is in the store will turn drudgery into dread for the merchandisers and order pickers.All of this is more than most grocers can handle. Most attempts will be put on the back burner due to profit erosion. Setting the delivery fulfillment segment as a company or division with its own legs might be the smart idea. This will allow multi store shopping for one or more orders and make all aspects of the project far easier to track with current technologies that are now in place.
  • Posted on: 07/17/2017

    Can toys raise J.C. Penney’s game?

    Let’s see now! Toys "R" Us is in a financial nose dive with less hope for future viability. Mr. Ellison and the company see this as a big opportunity and decide to take this challenge on. In the movie "Big" the Tom Hanks character gave us what might be the best comment for this decision when he declared, “I don’t get it!"
  • Posted on: 07/17/2017

    Is e-commerce a job builder or killer?

    To the store associate with 14 years in and a decent paycheck that just received a store closing notice the evolution of retail doesn’t matter. And it matters less to the person out of work for months or years that just got a job in a new e-commerce distribution center. What does matter is that job/career stability is a lot like Santa, the Easter Bunny and Superman; a myth, as in, never was and never will be for the vast majority. As the transportation and shipping industry gear up for world wide trade the trend towards large distribution will fall dramatically as well. Training for new market trends takes time and costs money for industries and people. This means there is an opportunity to revamp the continuing education market with more relevant options and capability. Moving forward, no matter what individuals are told or sold change is coming -- ready or not. If we are accepting of that and prepared, change is good as well as inevitable.
  • Posted on: 07/14/2017

    Can retailers hope to compete this holiday season with standard digital marketing?

    The larger part of digital advertising failure is marketing’s learned need for forced consumer media participation. The radio, television and printed media advertising spots were easily flooded with information used to stimulate interest and drive sales. Consumers no longer have to put up with advertising and more often than not choose any means available to bypass the messages. Companies of all sizes have sunk billions of dollars a month this century to create and support social media advertising with dismal failure as the only global result.Email is not doing much better and it too is on a declining effectiveness pattern. Add to this the increased potency and use of software filters, pop up removers and call block and the task is more daunting.So where do the opportunities lie for retail sales using digital advertising on any size budget? The answer might lie in spending more time to discover, on a personal level, who you need to talk to and how to prospect for them in a digital world. Even the largest retailers prefer to blame products over presentation for poor market results from inventory items and/or vendors. While this saves time, it also spends unrecoverable dollars instead of creating revenue and profit. The need to create value messages for a qualified customer and/or prospect specific areas of concern and interest has never been greater and will continue to increase with the proliferation and habituation of digital interdependence.
  • Posted on: 07/14/2017

    Will Walmart win back-to-school with click and collect services?

    Retailers may be getting in step with consumer e-commerce transaction wants and needs by addressing several needs. Friendlier point of sale apps and site software have encouraged electronic migration by the consumer. A younger back-to-school crowd and colleges with a higher IT acceptance rate than past generations helps too. It is therefore easy to conclude that expansive market success in these sales events might be found elsewhere.The learning tools for students living in the 21st century have changed at a pace ahead of the retailers acceptance curve. As government(s) change throughout the world the one constant we have seen over the past several years is this lousy retail economy. This fact and cutbacks in corporate staffing have made it difficult for retailers to match consumer wants with shelf availability. This is why we see so many outdated products pilled high in main aisles during this event that refuse to turn at necessary levels. Pens, paper, books, mechanical organizers and so on and so forth seem to linger on in unsold inventories forever.Whenever I ask for electronic learning tools I'm usually directed to the Baby Einstein section of a toy department. This is not where the market is heading. The retailer that invests in matching market technology wants and needs to product availability might just make a little more money with less clearance.
  • Posted on: 07/13/2017

    Should the Amazon/Whole Foods merger worry national brands?

    The vehicle that Amazon is intent on purchasing to take them closer to same day grocery delivery isn’t running on all cylinders and looks like it may have a couple of flat tires. The process of merging these two companies into one is going to be plagued with issues stemming from the opposing core business perspectives and practices of both. To make this merger more challenging and less possible, Mr. Bezos might want to consider same-day coffee delivery and buy Starbucks to get started in an e-commerce convenience market venture.I would love to watch how he sells his board and the banks on ideas like this. It must be an amazing experience. As for an appropriate response to this venture I would suggest considering a celebration parade.
  • Posted on: 07/13/2017

    Will more customer rewards lift J.C. Penney’s sales?

    The recent departure of the company’s CFO, Mr. Edward Record, is not a sign that all is well with J.C. Penney’s corporate direction. Mr. Ellison has more than a little bit of explaining to do for this and slow sales. Putting faith in any attempt to repair the company's viability with current leadership is a long leap of faith at this time.
  • Posted on: 07/13/2017

    How will the Supreme Court’s decision on Trump’s travel ban affect retailers?

    Smart retailers focus on turn, margin and out-of-stocks. Political issue involvement always causes a market response disconnect. Retail is about sales and service for everyone. Lose sight of this fact and you will lose sales.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2017

    Will Amazon’s answer to the ‘Geek Squad’ help put Alexa in more homes?

    During the 1970s & '80s the information technology (IT) businesses exploded into what it is today. There were “computer stores” everywhere. As service and support needs became less necessary, stores started to close. The computer stores found market opportunity drastically shrink with the advent of bundled software and commodity pricing to result into where they are today, almost gone.Baby boomers and small businesses are still slow to respond to the need for electronic automation and this created and maintains the need for a Geek Squad. The key here is that the Geek Squad is a market need and not a marketing plan to leverage consumer loyalty and purchases. Amazon’s attempt to siphon market share and strengthen enrollment renewals is not a “market need” and for that reason subject to the wrath of a faster, easier and cheaper solution from a brand X or market upstart. Or should I say start up?
  • Posted on: 07/12/2017

    Why do so many people love shopping at Ace Hardware?

    People are and have been shopping price, product/service availability and one stop shopping. I say this simply because the sales leaders like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon have focused on these attributes and are clear winners in their respective markets.What Ace brings to the table is store management/ownership with the ability and interest in responding to the individual store markets. The big box corporations with their centralized purchasing, planning and allocation department(s) will need to make strategic changes to meet this opportunity. The rewards for following this include, but are not limited to, better turns, higher profits and increased consumer loyalty. But they are trapped into buying very large quantities of the things they can sell to keep the lowest price. The answer is yes. Consumers buy price and the retailer that sells for less sells more.
  • Posted on: 07/11/2017

    Will online games fuel mobile engagement for and other retailers?

    The need for comprehensive coupon POS software, viable impulse sale software and checkout assistance software are and will remain much more important. The incentives are all net profit related and need much more attention. After that attention needs to be paid to product availability, price and in store location. But that's only what the customers ask for and want along with what the stores need.
  • Posted on: 07/11/2017

    Will Prime Day give Amazon an insurmountable advantage online?

    A close look at e-commerce development and growth will disclose interesting market trends and health. Amazon is evolving into a company that is forced to face consumer retention issues -- not to maintain growth, but to maintain an ever growing mandatory revenue supply that can make minimum payments on debt.Are the banks and investors in too deep to start backing out? Sure looks like it to me. And if they did, how much of the stock market would see short sales to cover loses? You might want to sit down for that answer. Amazon isn’t alone in this struggle to survive without profit taking from the core business and like the companies along side them, the problem is over reliance on aging and obsolete technologies and marketing methods.Retail of any and all kinds will continue with or without Amazon and others. The Information Technology market turns the most creative and powerful products and services into buggy whips and beepers at light speed. This is a tradition and not the current trend which if forgotten will remove any company of any size in a few short years. As for growing the company Prime and Prime Day simply aren't doing what is needed.