[WEBINAR ON-DEMAND] New research on the state of online CPG shopping

Posted: June 29, 2017

Slice Intelligence principal analyst Ken Cassar uses the latest data to dissect online trip missions.

CPG is, at long last, taking hold online. With new technologies and business models saving consumers time and money, buying online is no longer a painful process.

The refinement of free shipping programs, subscription models, and simple ordering by way of voice-powered devices, branded one-click buttons and smart appliances has enabled the CPG sector to grow faster than any other online. Unfortunately, these models have spawned consumer habits that are very difficult for brands and retailers to sustain.

In this highly-rated session, explored the current state of online CPG shopping and discussed the available options for brands and retailers in the face of these difficulties.

Feature presenter:
Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst, Slice Intelligence

Moderated by:
Al McClain, CEO, RetailWire

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