You Really Are What You Eat

Dec 13, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

According to an article in Science magazine, we really are what we eat.

The results of a new study from a couple of Colorado researchers claims that food can be “more powerful than drugs”, says the Rocky Mountain News.

Barbara Demmig-Adams, biology professor at the University of Colorado said, “If we had diets more enriched with the right plant foods, we would likely live longer. More importantly, we would maintain a higher quality of life as we age.”

Ms. Demmig-Adams and her husband, biology professor William Adams, found the very same “proteins that protect plants from the ravages of sunlight, drought and poor soil can also protect human cells.” Humans that eat these plants receive greater protection from disease.

The research findings suggest that “food molecules act like hormones, regulating body functioning and triggering cell division. The molecules can cause mental imbalances ranging from attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder to serious mental illness.”

Moderatoro’s Comment: Two Questions–

  1. Is “whole health” more industry hype?

  2. What types of expertise does a retailer need to
    really become a whole health expert?

Consumers accept the food as medicine theory but their
knowledge is fragmented. Most retailers are not doing a very good job of helping
consumers connect the whole health dots. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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