Women Love Lowe’s

Nov 17, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Painter Joycelyn Marks says she loves shopping at Lowe’s and, evidently, she’s not the only woman to feel that way, reports Bloomberg News.

A Forrester Research survey found 69 percent of women rated Lowe’s highest in cleanliness versus 31 percent for Home Depot. Fifty-seven percent preferred Lowe’s merchandise selection to its larger rival.

Lowe’s and its chief executive, Robert Tillman, have made no secret the chain is out to capture as much of the 80 percent of home improvement projects initiated by women as it can.

The nation’s number two home improvement retailer has expanded its selection of home appliances and merchandise while laying out stores that are bright and easy to shop.

Moderator’s Comment: Is the perception of Lowe’s “being better” than Home Depot more style than substance? What do retailers need to do to get perception
on their side?

It’s been said many times before but it bears repeating – perception is reality.

On a comparison-shopping trip a couple of months back, we found we saved 37 cents on nine items we regularly buy by shopping at Wal-Mart rather than Target.

It hardly seemed worth the trip when we considered it takes five minutes to drive to Target and 15 to Wal-Mart. We’re pretty sure we also spent less time
in Target to get the items, as well.

Armed with these facts, we can’t say we were surprised when we were asked to go to Wal-Mart when it was time to stock-up again. We didn’t, but that will
be our secret, at least until the credit card statement comes in. [
Anderson – Moderator

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