Wild Oats Markets Will Donate 5% of March 18 Sales

Mar 13, 2002

More than 30 nonprofit groups across the country will benefit when Wild Oats and Nature’s stores donate five percent of sales to local charitable organizations on March 18. Wild Oats Market Inc.’s stores sponsor four local 5% Days every year. Each of the national natural and organic foods’ stores selects a charitable organization through an application process. Denver-metro area stores held their 5% Day in January.

“Last year, we donated more than $1.2 million to local community nonprofit groups,” said Terry Maloy, Chief Marketing Officer for Wild Oats Markets, Inc. Groups selected for donations include hunger relief organizations, environmental groups, educational foundations, animal rescue organizations, and nonprofits that provide support for underprivileged or terminally ill individuals.

Moderator Comment: Should marketers dial down support
for September 11 charities?

Cause-related marketing can do wonders for a company’s
image and help improve the bottom line. The tragedy of September 11 saw a genuine
outpouring of support from individuals, charities, businesses and governments
from around the world. Eventually, however, it seemed as though every company
had a 9/11 related marketing program. What appeared genuine began to look a
lot like crass commercialism. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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