What’s Hot for 2003

Dec 30, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Sam Goody asked teenagers in its locations across the US what products and trends would be hot for 2003. According to a report on the web site for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

  1. Eighty-nine percent said they look forward to in-store shopping more than they do online

  2. Thirty-six percent said that garage punk bands would be the next big thing in music

  3. Nearly two-thirds report having had their fill of reality television and say it has to go.

Moderator’s Comment: How will the continuing war on
terrorism impact how teenagers and other consumers shop?

Ossie, old bloke, we’re gonna miss ya. We can understand,
however, kids being turned off to reality TV. The war against terrorism and
the potential for invading Iraq is probably more reality than kids in America
want to see. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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