Wegmans’ Sells Irradiated Beef

May 14, 2002

Wegmans Food Markets’ 62 stores in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey started selling fresh ground beef that has been irradiated to destroy disease-causing bacteria.

Wegmans, the second major grocer in the nation to sell irradiated fresh ground beef, joins a growing number of meat sellers nationwide who are turning to the process in the belief that customers are overcoming their fears about irradiated food, reports The Buffalo News.

The irradiated beef at Wegmans is packaged in one- and three-pound rolls, similar to the tubelike packaging of sausages. It is labeled with the word “irradiated” and the Radura symbol – a broken circle with a stylized flower. The meat comes from a supplier in Kansas City and is taken in packaged form to Chicago, where it is irradiated in a recently built plant operated by the SureBeam Corp., a division of San Diego-based Titan Corp.

Moderator Comment: Are large numbers of consumers
ready to buy irradiated beef?

Watch Wegmans. Few, if any, retailers are more in lock-step
with their shoppers than this chain. Personally, we make our hamburgers well
done anyway. We’ll save the thirty cents and spend it on candy at the checkout.
Anderson – Moderator

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