Wal-Mart Targets Categories for Domination

Nov 10, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Wal-Mart has Toys “R” Us thinking about getting out of the toy business altogether, and more than a few failed retailers in the category have gone by the wayside, cursing Bentonville in the process.

Executives at grocery stores hardly seem able to complete a sentence about the state of the business without some mention of Wal-Mart.

A report on the Forbes.com Web site, Wal-Mart’s Next Victims, looks at five categories of business the retailer is targeting for future growth.

Consumer Electronics

Wal-Mart is expected to supplant Best Buy as the largest consumer electronics retailer in the country.


Although Wal-Mart has been unsuccessful in past attempts to break into the retail banking business, industry sources who spoke with Forbes said the company that Sam
built is expected to take another shot at it.


Only Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid sell more prescription medicine than Wal-Mart.


Company and third-party operated pumps on its property already make Wal-Mart the tenth largest gas seller in the U.S.


Wal-Mart already sells more socks and underwear than anyone else, but it is losing sales of fashion merchandise to Target, department store competitors and specialty shops.

Moderator’s Comment: What product categories do you see Wal-Mart targeting for future growth? If it succeeds, how
will the retail landscape be changed?

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