Unattended Allergies, Colds Drip into Sinusitis

Mar 20, 2002

The incidence of sinusitis appears to be increasing. According to a survey of consumers and primary care physicians, 42 percent of people surveyed reported having at least one sinus infection in the last 12 months, compared to 33 percent the previous year. Many also reported that their sinusitis began with an allergy (39 percent) or a cold (28 percent). The survey is part of a sinusitis public education campaign endorsed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and supported by Bayer Corporation. SinusFacts.com, an interactive web site, also is part of the campaign and can help consumers better understand their sinus symptoms.

Wirthlin Worldwide conducted the telephone survey with 1,008 consumers and 127 primary care physicians who have been practicing in the United States for an average of 20 years. It found that 42 percent of patients either wait at least six days before going to the doctor when they have sinusitis symptoms or don’t go at all (31 percent). This was confirmed by physicians, 51 percent of whom believed patients with sinusitis, colds, or allergies wait too long before seeking medical care.

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