Trains Were Not The Only Target In Madrid

Apr 08, 2004

By George Anderson

A report on the Ananova Web site sourcing El Mundo newspaper in Spain said, “Terrorists who blew themselves up last weekend as police moved in to arrest them over the March 11 bombings had been plotting an attack on a sprawling shopping centre outside Madrid.”

The Parquesur mall includes 193 stores, a multi-cinema and hotel.

According to Spanish investigators, the terrorists had planned to bomb the facility this week. Crowds at the mall would have been heavier than usual, since schools in Spain are closed and many adults take holiday during the week before Easter.

Moderator’s Comment: What is your reaction to the revelations
coming out of Spain about a planned terrorist attack on a mall? Do security
measures at large facilities such as shopping malls need to be changed in light
of this information?

It’s no surprise that terrorists would choose a soft target
such as a retail center to try and carry off an attack. We’ve seen them before
by Islamic extremists in Asia, Palestinians in Israel and Irish republican groups
in England and the north of Ireland.

Even the most fatalistic minded among us, however, would
still have found the results of such an attack horrifying. Spanish police found
two backpacks and a belt packed with dynamite and wired to detonators, according
to El Mundo. George
Anderson – Moderator

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