The Day The Muzak Died

Sep 29, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

According to The Business Journal of Kansas City, “Sept. 19 was the day the Muzak died.”

At 7:56 EST on that day, the Telstar 4 satellite short-circuited and businesses throughout the country with services from in-store entertainment providers such as Muzak, DMX
Music and Sound Products found themselves tuneless.

“The music wasn’t playing,” Sound Products President Robbin Reynolds said. “People all across the country are sitting quiet.”

Suppliers of the service said they were inundated with calls when the music stopped playing. Kenny Kahn, senior vice president of operations, Muzak said, “It just goes to show
that music is such an important part of people’s business.”

Dave Richardson, a vice president with Capitol Federal Savings Bank, had a different experience when the sound went down, “Nobody has really said anything about it. If it’s there,
you don’t really notice it. And if it’s gone, you don’t really notice it either.”

Moderator’s Comment: Do in-store entertainment systems have a positive effect on purchasing?

We recently told a store manager (half-joking) at one of our favorite food stores we would have to take our business elsewhere if we heard Cher singing
“Half Breed” one more time while shopping in the store. Of course, while waiting to check out, the customer in front of us was saying how great it was to hear The Captain &
Tenille song that was playing (no joking).
Anderson – Moderator

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