Tesco’s Alternative Format

Nov 12, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The UK-based supermarket giant, Tesco, has opened a store that NutriIngredients.com says is “geared solely to health and natural alternative products”.

Tesco operates the store under the Nutri Center banner. The store has full-time nutritionists and health advisers on staff to assist shoppers.

The chain says that “demand for many complementary healthcare products at its stores has more than doubled in the last year, as thousands of British people seek alternatives to conventional medicines.”

Natural products to enhance sexual performance, natural stress fighters and products with Echinacea are some of the fastest growing in Tesco’s stores in Britain.

The company’s non-Food director, Richard Brasher, says, “Record numbers of customers are telling us they want to take more responsibility for their own healthcare. As the demand for complementary healthcare grows, we’ve joined forces with the world’s experts to ensure customers can get everything they need at Tesco.”

Moderator’s Comment: What do you think about Tesco’s
stand-alone complementary care products store?

Look for them coming to a Tesco supermarket in the future.
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