Super Dull Bowl

Feb 07, 2005
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Cranford, NJ – In newspaper sports sections all across the U.S. today are stories about the New England Patriot’s win in Super Bowl 39; whether the victory means the team has been elevated to dynasty status in National Football League lore, praises of Tom Brady’s cool or stories questioning who was the person wearing Donovan McNabb’s jersey in the game.

Yesterday in households across the America, however, many were echoing the sentiments of two young girls in this small section of New Jersey who agreed they only watch the game for “the commercials and the halftime show anyway.”

The good news from Jacksonville, Fla. was that when Paul McCartney removed his jacket during his halftime performance, it was the only article of clothing to come off his body. There were no nipple shield sightings reported, which was a good thing for all the obvious reasons (American standards of decency, Mr. McCartney’s advanced age – although we had to agree with the resident teen and tweens that he looks quite good for someone that old.)

And, while some members of the 15-years and under group in attendance here in New Jersey were amazed that so many people seemed to know the na-na-na-na part of that song (Hey Jude) and that the much older-than-he-looks Sir Paul has a really nice singing voice, they were equally mystified by how “boring” the commercials were this year.

What happened to the Border Terrier biting the guy in the crotch to get his owner a beer? And, what about the one that Dad liked so much where the man was in the hospital with “money coming out the wazoo?”

No, this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials were not as good as those in the past. What was with that Pepsi truck commercial? Did they really want people to think that people like Carson Daley were so shallow and stupid that they would go out and buy their own Pepsi truck because they saw Sean “Puffy, P. Diddy or whatever his name is today” Combs getting out of one?

The dog was kinda cute but that car commercial where the dog confused leash with lease was, all agreed, lame.

“Not all the commercials sucked,” said the nine-year old before he was sent off to retrieve some more chips for Dad before starting his timeout.

Nods headed in agreement.

The Ameriquest ad was great. “I liked it when the guy got zapped,” said the nine-year old from the corner of the room.

The 11-year-old thought some of the Anheuser-Busch spots were okay. The one where they guy jumps out of the plane was “kinda funny, but not really funny.”

But, what was that about when the woman’s shirt strap came off? “Was that a real commercial or just a joke,” she asked? “It wasn’t funny whatever it was.”

Moderator’s Comment: How would you compare the effectiveness of the commercials in this year’s Super Bowl broadcast compared to the past? Which ones
did you think were most or least effective and why?

George Anderson – Moderator

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