Study: People in Suburbs Are Fat

Aug 29, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Community planning/zoning boards and automobile manufacturers may be the next
on the list of groups to be sued as trial lawyers look for another scapegoat
to blame and sue for the obesity epidemic in America. (Just kidding.)

According to an Associated Press report, “People who live in sprawled-out
suburbs where they must drive to school, work or the store are likely to weigh
6 more pounds than their counterparts in old-fashioned, walkable cities.”

Moderator’s Comment: What’s the answer to obesity in

For those headed to the beach this Labor Day weekend,
a word of advice, avert your eyes.

A day trip to a beach this week confirmed that there are
a lot of obese people walking or, more often, laying around. It also made us
think trial lawyers should be going after manufacturers of string bikinis and
low rider jeans. Yuck!
Anderson – Moderator

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