Staples Does the Right Thing

Nov 13, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Staples has announced that it would seek to increase the average recycled content in its paper products to 30 percent from its current 10 percent, says the Boston Globe.

Joe Vassalluzzo, vice chairman, Staples said, “This is the right thing to do.”

Staples announcement comes after intense pressure from environmentalist groups. Two such groups, ForestEthics (San Francisco) and the Dogwood Alliance (North Carolina) said that they have organized more than 600 demonstrations at Staples stores nationwide.

Moderator’s Comment: What will consumers reaction be
to the Staples announcement?

If it was the right thing to do, why did it take two years
for Staples to agree to take this step?

Those that make buying decisions based on personal convictions
(AKA Cultural Creatives) will see this as a move by Staples to get the critics
off its back.

It will mean little to nothing to those who don’t care
about recycled content. Unless, however, it means the cost of paper will go
up. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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