Snapple Bags Deli Business

Jun 18, 2002

As part of one of its quirky marketing efforts, Snapple has teamed with eight Long Island and Queens, N.Y., delis to package sandwiches in paper bags bearing pictures of Snapple bottles, Newsday reports.

“It’s sort of taken on a life of its own,” says Steven Jarman, Snapple’s vice president of communications. “We try to use traditional media attractively, and alternative media that hasn’t been done before,” he explains.

Snapple recently completed another campaign, literally on the streets of Manhattan, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Hartford, Conn. The month-long effort involved large “street decals” resembling the deli bags – decorative Snapple bottles against a solid-color background. The giant stickers, which peel off when they’ve served their purpose, were placed on the sidewalk near stores known to have Snapple supplies, in hopes that pedestrians would buy the drinks, says Mr. Jarman.

Moderator Comment: Has Snapple recaptured its marketing magic? Where should
the brand go from here?

Snapple appears as though it has gotten back to its guerilla beverage marketing roots. Let’s hope for the brand that it stays the course.

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