Shoppers Not Buying Martha’s Story (Products)

Jul 24, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

A survey by America’s Research Group shows 28.6 percent of respondents being
less likely to buy Martha Stewart products since she was indicted for obstruction
of justice in connection with the ImClone scandal.

Reuters reports that a similar poll last year found 17.8 percent would be less
likely to buy Martha’s products.

“Until this case is resolved, I think her (consumer confidence) numbers are
going to stay at this same level or get worse,” said Britt Beemer of America’s
Research Group.

Moderator’s Comment: Are sales of Martha Stewart’s
products hurt more by bad publicity or the closing of so many Kmarts that had
previously sold her line? What will happen with the Martha Stewart product line?

Britt Beemer told Reuters, “Brands that never came back
had a 40 percent or higher (consumer confidence) negative. Once 40 percent of
Americans say they won’t buy your product, it’s over.”

Anderson – Moderator

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