Setback in War on Terror

Mar 12, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The Guardian Web site included translations from several Spanish publications on the terror attacks in Madrid. We found the following excerpt from El Mundo particularly chilling for obvious reasons.

“Yesterday, Madrid became Manhattan: the same faces of desolation, the same spontaneous solidarity, the same paralysed traffic, the same gridlocked hospitals, and the same blank looks of incomprehension. It was a city devastated by sadness. There are no words to repudiate an act as monstrous as the planting of the bombs that have taken almost 200 human lives and left 1,400 injured.”

Moderator’s Comment: How has security in retail stores and malls changed since September
11th? Will the most recent attack in Madrid, although not targeting retail, cause business to reassess their security measures?

The Spanish government says it is investigating all leads and is not willing at this time to name the group responsible.

Bloomberg News reports that authorities received a letter from a group purportedly linked to Al Quaeda claiming, “the terrorist network carried out
the attacks on commuter trains and warned the group will attack the U.S.”

The secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, told Bloomberg that the bombings in Madrid “could be a precursor’ to terrorist attacks here.

The attack in Madrid demonstrates the war on terror is far from over and if it goes as well as the war on drugs it may never end. George
Anderson – Moderator

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