Retailer Gets Straight A’s From Customers

May 19, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Frank Freeman, owner of Square Deals in Gainesville, Florida has found a way to reach the minds, hearts and wallets of the customers who shop for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and other collectibles in his store.

The Gainesville Times reports Mr. Freeman began an academic awards program this year which gives store credits to students for every A or B they receive during a marking period.

The program is achieving positive results, says Mr. Freeman. “Parents tell my how their kids are making extra effort to get good grades because they’re going to be rewarded.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on Square
Deals’ academic awards program and the greater customer service/loyalty implications
for retailers?

We were reminded, in a previous RetailWire discussion,
to not confuse loyalty programs with customer service. To our way of thinking,
there should be a lot more confusion on the subject.

Customer service builds loyalty and a loyalty program
that does not provide a customer service is no loyalty program at all.

Frank Freeman knows his customers (and their parents).
He understands customer service and real loyalty programs are one-and-the-same.
Anderson – Moderator

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