Retail Community Joins America Prepared Campaign

Aug 13, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Acts that were once almost unimaginable before September 11, 2001 are now part
of the nation’s daily news. Murderous edicts from zealots of destruction such
as Osama bin Laden as well as gleanings from the terrorist chatter network have
the nation’s law enforcement community on constant watch as the nation nears
the anniversary of 9/11 and the coming presidential election in November.

The retail community has also had to step up its vigilance with the understanding
that so-called “soft targets” offer terrorists the opportunity to spread death
and destruction.

The National Retail Federation (NRF), a representative of the retail community,
announced today it was joining with The America Prepared Campaign (APC),,
to help promote National Preparedness Month in September.

According to a NRF press release, “The America Prepared Campaign is a non-profit,
non-partisan organization that helps American families prepare for disasters,
with a focus on terrorism, by presenting high impact media campaigns, creating
school-based initiatives, and disseminating information and tools through corporate

“Our country has been tested in ways never thought imaginable,” said NRF president
and chief executive Tracy Mullin. “National Preparedness Month is an important
time to remember that we need to remain vigilant in these uncertain times. NRF
is pleased to be a part of The America Prepared Campaign.”

Moderator’s Comment: Are retailers prepared for the
terrorist activity that may be coming our way? How can retailers support the
effort to prepare consumers?

From the NRF press release: “National Preparedness Month
will provide Americans with a variety of opportunities to learn more about ways
they can prepare for an emergency, get an emergency supply kit, establish a
family communications plan, and become more aware of threats that might impact
communities. Retailers will participate in a variety of ways, such as making
all-in-one preparedness kits, and/or individual items that meet the recommendations
of the Department of Homeland Security available for purchase, as well as providing
emergency family plans to consumers at no cost. State and local governments,
individual communities, private businesses and nonprofit organizations will
host events or promote preparedness steps around the country during September
to encourage all Americans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses
and schools.”
George Anderson – Moderator

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