Research: Cereal Causes Zits

Dec 06, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

A newly published research report from Colorado State University suggests that eating refined bread and cereal products may be the cause of teenage acne.

The study hypothesizes that eating refined carbohydrates increases production of bacteria that causes pimples.

Loren Cordain, researcher, Colorado State said that acne is practically non-existent in some societies. The Inuit people in Alaska, for example, did not get pimples until they began eating a Western diet.

Moderator’s Comment: Should this research be substantiated,
will it have any impact on RTE cereal and other refined grain-based product

The threat of pimples never seemed to have much impact
on the consumption of fried foods, candy or sugary beverages. Of course, no
one ever pretended that these foods were good for kids. This research (TPFIC)
may be just the excuse that teenage junk food junkies have been looking for.
Anderson – Moderator

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