Report Reviews Marketing Efforts Aimed at Kids

May 01, 2002

The U.S. Kids Market, a new report from Packaged Facts available at,
outlines the demographic trends within the country’s population of children
and reviews successful marketing efforts aimed at kids. This consumer group
consists of 41 million individuals in the United States between the ages of
five and 14 who have a direct buying power of more than $40 billion and influence
$146 billion worth of expenditures every year.

According to the report, families spend $3,868 per year on items that directly affect their children, such as food, clothing, personal care items, entertainment and reading materials.

The U.S. Kids Market analyzes the evolving structure of family environments, and gives an overview of the changing racial and ethnic composition of the kids’ population. Also included is the consumer behavior of kids, and data regarding the shopping behavior and buying style of families with children.

Moderator Comment: Have retailers gone too far in
pushing the “Mom, look” button?

You will hear parents complain about kids pressuring
them to buy things while shopping. (tip #1: Never take one child to a toy store
to buy a gift for another child.)

Even with parental griping, if memory serves, didn’t
Dechert-Hampe’s study on front-end behavior find that virtually no consumers
choose candy-free check lanes because of the absence of confections? [George
Anderson – Moderator


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