QVC Charged With Making False Claims

Mar 25, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged QVC with making false claims on its broadcasts about weight-loss products it sold.

Howard Beales, head of the consumer-protection division of the FTC said in a released statement, “No pill or drink can cause anyone to lose 125 pounds. QVC didn’t keep its promise
to use sound science and solid evidence to back up the claims it makes for the health products it sells.”

QVC could face millions of dollars in fines for failing to live up to a previous settlement with the FTC to support all health claims made about the products it sells with scientific

Doug Briggs, chief executive officer, QVC said, “We work extraordinarily hard to make sure that our 24-hour live broadcasting meets the highest possible standards of truthfulness,
and we are ready to demonstrate that fact to the court.”

Moderator’s Comment: Do federal agencies such as the FTC have too much or little power to protect the interests of
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