Poore Bros Plans Additional Branded Snacks

Apr 11, 2002

Poore Brothers Inc. executives say that they’re in talks with holders of several other prominent brand names regarding the launch of additional snack-food lines. This follows the introduction of its T.G.I. Friday’s brand snacks in 700 Wal-Mart supercenters nationwide.

“We are working with brands that are very powerful, and that we believe are excellent strategic fits,” Chief Executive Eric Kufel says, mentioning a goal to announce a new branded snack product within the next year. Kufel says he won’t partner with any competitors of Carlson Restaurants Worldwide’s T.G.I. Friday’s chain or on any product that could “cannibalize” sales of Poore Bros.’ existing products in achieving his goal.

Moderator Comment: Who is a bigger threat to Frito-Lay’s
dominance in salty snacks, Poore Bros. or Wal-Mart?

You gotta like this guy’s moxie.

“We didn’t come here to run a $50 million business.”

– Eric Kufel, Poore Bros. chief executive, on the company’s
goal of reaching $100 million in annual sales

Anderson – Moderator

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