Penta Tops in Health Food Water Sales

Feb 19, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

press release from Bio-Hydration Research Lab (San Diego, CA), citing SPINSscan,
claims Penta water’s 500ml bottle is the best selling water item in health food

According to the company, “Penta water is made using a patented process that
actually improves the composition of the water. Water molecules naturally form
bonds with their neighbors to form large clusters and are too large to easily
enter cells. Penta water is restructured — without adding chemicals — so that
it has a high concentration of small, stable molecular clusters. A study recently
published by scientists at the prestigious General Physics Institute validated
this unique molecular structure.”

Penta water is primarily sold in health food stores but Bio-Hydration Research
has plans to begin selling the product into grocery and convenience store chains
in the near future. A case of Penta water, according to the press release, retails
for $39.

Moderator’s Comment: Will Penta water’s performance
in health food stores overcome possible concerns that supermarkets and convenience
stores may have about its price to consumers?
Anderson – Moderator


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