Pen Scanner Speeds Grocery Shopping

Jun 27, 2002

Leading kiosk provider NCR Corporation has teamed with A.T. Cross Company, known for its fine writing instruments, to offer a kiosk solution that uses bar code scanning technology to provide consumers with immediate access to shopping lists, purchase history and loyalty program information, reports Business Wire. The Cross Purchase Pal(TM) was unveiled at the Retail Systems technology show in Chicago.

Consumers simply use a scanner-equipped key fob or pen to scan items at home. Once in the store, shoppers download the information into an NCR EasyPoint(TM) kiosk, which displays and prints a shopping list, coupons, price comparisons and other data based on that shopper’s preferences. The Cross Purchase Pal can also create wedding and baby registries, facilitate catalog shopping and ordering and help shoppers locate specific items in-store.

“Beyond saving shoppers time, the Cross Purchase Pal concept allows retailers to maximize their direct marketing efforts and capture and report information never before available,” says John Ruggieri, president of the A.T. Cross Pen Computing Group. “By tying scanners to kiosk technology, the opportunity to develop marketing programs that directly track effectiveness and return on investment are virtually limitless.”

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Pal and products like it become widespread with consumers?

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