Parenting and Family Web Sites Traffic Skyrockets

Apr 24, 2002

Traffic to parenting and family Web sites jumped during the month of March, reports Reuters. Internet surfers logged on to access articles about baby names, child development, toys and baby-care products, according to Internet audience measurement service Nielsen//NetRatings.

Traffic to increased 233
percent to 1.3 million surfers from February during March.
drew more than 1.1 Web surfers, a 197 percent rise in traffic. Traffic to toy
manufacturer rose
174 percent as its baby gear sweepstakes drew 578,000 unique visitors.

Moderator Comment: How can retailers more effectively
reach first-time parents in their marketing areas?

The best time to catch a consumer is when they enter
a category for the first time. First-time parents are the biggest catch of all.
Anderson – Moderator

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