Organic Customers Found Loyal, Non-Buyers, Uninterested

Aug 22, 2002
George Anderson

New research released by ACNielsen shows that organic food buyers are extremely loyal to the category, and intend to keep buying, while non-buyers have virtually no interest in organic products. The latest findings were released here during ACNielsen’s 2002 Category Masters client conference.

The study found that, of the one-third of consumers who have purchased organic food or beverage products in the past six months, 85 percent plan to continue these purchases. However, among non-buyers, only three percent plan to buy such products in the next six months.

The Consumer Pre*View study also found consumers who indicated an intention to eat healthier have, in fact, made purchases in line with that intention. These consumers were also found to be less deal sensitive when it came to purchasing products with healthy claims.

Moderator Comment: Which do you believe is a greater determinant in whether a consumer purchases organic products or not, economic status or philosophical perspective?

Common wisdom says that the greatest barrier to consumers buying organic is price. Still, we’ve personally witnessed consumers of limited means making sizeable purchases of higher-priced organics. [George Anderson – Moderator]

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