Organic Consumers Defy Stereotypes

Apr 05, 2002

As the organic movement goes mainstream, marketing professionals may find lucrative returns from looking beyond the stereotype to new segments whose common traits are personal values rather than high-end addresses or advanced degrees.

The “traditional” organic consumer may well reflect the current availability of organic foods rather than define the market, according to an article by Elaine Lipson in the April issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser.

“We think there’s a general feeling that the organic consumer is Caucasian, female, suburban, and that’s not true,” says Laurie Demeritt, president and COO of The Hartman Group, based in Bellevue, Wash. “It’s hard to identify the organic consumer these days, because it’s everyone. That said, we know there are geographic areas where there’s heavy usage, but we can see that there’s participation across groups not traditionally thought of as organic consumers.”

Moderator Comment: How can main stream retailers establish
their stores as a natural products destination stop for consumers?

Since all it takes is a large stock of Amy’s Organic
Beans and Rice with Cheddar Cheese in the frozen food department to get us to
the store, we thought we’d leave this for the “Cultural Creatives” of RetailWire.
Anderson – Moderator

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