Oregon GMO Vote Not Needed, Says FDA

Oct 14, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Genetically modified foods are just as safe as conventional foods and need no additional labeling, says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Lester Crawford, deputy commissioner, FDA wrote to Oregon’s governor, John Kitzhaber, expressing the government’s opposition to Measure 27 requiring labeling of products containing genetically modified organisms. The measure is set for a vote on the state’s November 5 election ballot.

In his letter, as reported on the Natural Products Insider web site, Crawford added that, if adopted, the law “would impermissibly interfere with manufacturers’ ability to market their products on a nationwide basis. If passed, manufacturers producing products in Oregon or manufacturers selling products in Oregon produced in another state would be required to create special labeling to comply with Oregon law–labeling not required by FDA or other states. Thus, as a practical matter, the Oregon law would require different labels for different states impeding the free flow of commerce between the states.”

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