Online Grocery Shopping Beset with Flaws

Apr 09, 2002

A new survey says online supermarket shopping is often beset with flaws, reports The Grocer’s survey of supermarkets found major problems including difficulty logging on to web sites, frequent delivery delays and incorrect orders.

Waitrose and Tesco had had problems with deliveries. Sainsbury’s delivered on time but dropped off an order worth five times as much. “In Asda’s case, its online shopping was a nightmare from the start,” reports The Grocer who made six attempts to log on to its web site. Researchers ended up using the telephone helpline, only to be told the order would take 10 days to deliver.

Moderator Comment: How can retailers improve the human
component and customer service aspect of online shopping and home delivery services?

Here’s a quote cited as a negative in the article found
on “Researchers found Iceland’s web site (another supermarket tested)
was easier to use, but its delivery man refused to leave alcohol with the customer’s
teenage daughter.” Give that delivery person a raise. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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