Online Ads Increase Brand Impact in Combined Campaign

Feb 22, 2002

The first study to analyze the combined effects of online, print and TV advertising
in a single product campaign found the online component significantly increased
the campaign’s measurable brand awareness impact, according to Forrester Research.
The six-week analysis of a Unilever mixed-media campaign for Dove Nutrium bar
soap concluded that spending 15 percent of the campaign’s TV/print/online budget
on the Web resulted in a 24 percent lift in branding impact.

Nick Nyhan, CEO of Dynamic Logic, which conducted the online survey in conjunction with researcher Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution, said the survey results should encourage marketers to revisit the issue of how online might be effectively used in the larger mix in advertising campaigns. However, he also cautioned that the study’s findings could not be extrapolated broadly to other brands, even in packaged goods.

Moderator Comment: Should online constitute a larger
share of B2C media/marketing budgets?

Look at the average household with teenagers today and
you know that online (in one form or another) is going to become a greater part
of overall media budgets.

More than half of teenagers online are using the Internet
to research and/or make purchases of products. A number of research organizations
have made predictions that within the next couple of years this group will be
spending $26 billion – $30 billion annually on products online or in stores
after doing research on the World Wide Web. This practice will become commonplace
as these kids grow into adults. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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