Oldham Targets La-Z-Boy Market

Mar 10, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The designer of high-fashion apparel and cheap chic houseware, Todd Oldham, is branching out into the furniture business.

Mr. Oldham has designed a new line of furniture: The Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy collection.

A released statement from La-Z-Boy says the new line of furnishings for living and family rooms is “funky yet practical” and “designed to look and feel good.”

The line will be rolled out in spring 2004 and will be available anywhere La-Z-Boy furniture is sold. The collection is available for viewing online at: http://www.lazyboy.com/oldham/oldham_landing.asp.

Dexter design sofa from the Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy collection.

Moderator’s Comment: What will Todd Oldham do for the La-Z-Boy name and vice versa? Do
you expect to see Mr. Oldham’s deal with Target affected because of his relationship with La-Z-Boy?

Do any Targets have La-Z-Boy In-Store Galleries?

This would seem a good fit if they do. Otherwise, we’re thinking Target management might be less than thrilled about the rugs and accessories being sold
in La-Z-Boy locations under the Oldham name.

Even so, La-Z-Boy might be expecting a bit too much from this introduction. The company’s press release claims that it “has always been the number one name
in comfort and relaxation. Now, it’s about to become the number one name in style.”

Of course, we could be wrong. Perhaps Todd Oldham is destined to become the next Martha Stewart. ;0) George
Anderson – Moderator

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