Office Worker Employed as Pop Tarts Pitchman

Apr 17, 2002

As work evolves, so does food, reports The Wall Street Journal. Kellogg is now unveiling a new ad featuring the office worker as a very different pitchman for its new Pop-Tarts Pastry Swirls.

Kellogg suggests a sugar-glazed toaster treat might provide a sweet spot for a day of endless hours in a squalid workspace. “Comfort comes in many forms, and people feel they need that support to get them through the day,” explains Warren Belasco, who teaches a course on American food at the University of Maryland. “They feel they’re owed it.”

Kellogg concedes it created Pastry Swirls to reach the office-worker generation. They’re “focused on the adult segment who liked Pop-Tarts as kids but wanted more adult-like flavors,” says a spokeswoman. Vending executives say it was about five years ago that Kellogg began putting Pop-Tarts in vending machines, where it discovered the crumbly comestible sells surprisingly well, sometimes beating the other Kellogg kid-food-turned-office-munchie, Rice Krispies Treats.

Kellogg’s attempt to exploit such potential isn’t surprising given its dependence on the convenience food of the last century, cereal. Cereal sales have been sagging since 1995, says market-research firm NPD Group.

Moderator Comment: Are three square meals going the way of the horse and buggy, being replaced by vending machines, doughnut stands and coffee breaks as suggested in The Wall Street Journal’s piece?

This comment was typed right-handed as yours truly eats
breakfast with his left hand. [George
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