New G.I. Joes Commemorate D-Day

Jun 07, 2002

To commemorate D-Day’s Normandy Invasion, Hasbro Inc. has introduced the G.I. Joe D-Day Collection of four figures who memorialize tales of courage and heroism. The collection is the latest in a series of historically significant G.I. JOE figures including George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Buzz Aldrin, General Colin Powell and John F. Kennedy.

The new collection includes the Ernie Pyle G.I. Joe figure, celebrating the work of the famed WWII correspondent known for writing powerful stories from the frontline about the common soldier. The other three figures represent the Omaha Army Infantry, the British Royal Marine Commandos and the Pointe Du Hoc U.S. Army Rangers.

Moderator Comment: Are the events of September 11th continuing to influence product purchases with a patriotic/American theme?

Those of us in the New York area have an empty piece
of skyline to remind us daily of what is at stake. God bless the USA. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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