Nestlé and L’Oréal Make Beautiful Food

Jun 26, 2002

Nestlé and L’Oréal are planning to set up an equal joint venture to develop “functional food” to enhance consumers’ physical appearances, according to a report on “This is the first time a food company and a cosmetics company have worked together like this,” according to a Nestlé spokesman.

Subject to regulatory approval, the new venture, Laboratoires INNEOV, will market nutritional supplements “to improve the quality of skin, hair and nails by supplying nutrients essential to their physiology” under the brand name INNEOV. It has not been determined what form the food will take.

A Nestlé spokesman says the venture will benefit from the scientific knowledge of both sides, but will be staffed and marketed mainly by L’Oréal.

Moderator Comment: What is the market opportunity
for functional foods?

If the food actually delivers on its HBC promise than
the opportunity is enormous. Of course, if it turns out that it doesn’t… [George
Anderson – Moderator

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