More Evidence for Medical Marijuana Use

Nov 05, 2002
George Anderson

More Evidence for Medical Marijuana Use

By George Anderson

UK patients suffering from multiple sclerosis may be able to legally obtain a prescription for a cannabis-based medicine as early as next year, says Reuters.

GW Pharmaceuticals has developed a spray that has demonstrated in clinical trials that it can reduce pain from nerve damage and improve the sleep of MS sufferers. The spray does not have the associated high that comes from smoking marijuana, however.

David Harrison of Britain’s Multiple Sclerosis Society said, “We hope we are moving much closer to the day when people with MS will have access to cannabis-derived drugs which have been proved both effective and safe in the treatment of symptoms of this long-term condition.”

Moderator’s Comment: Two Questions–

  1. Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?

  2. Should it be legalized and regulated in a similar
    fashion to alcohol and tobacco products?

Yes on both counts.

  1. The medical value of cannabis is clinically documented.
    This is a no brainer.

  2. We know the argument about marijuana leading to harder
    drugs. We also grew up in the seventies and know that the vast majority of
    pot smokers became law abiding citizens and that they did not develop chemical
    dependencies on other substances.

The dollars spent in criminal justice over marijuana
are totally out of line with the problems associated with its use. The revenue
dollars lost in the illegal trade of the weed could be put to much more productive
use. Restrict its access to adults and develop penalties for the improper
sale and use (DUI type) of marijuana.
Anderson – Moderator

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