McDonald’s Goes Healthier in UK Not US

Mar 03, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

McDonald’s has come under intense and well-publicized pressure from consumer and health organizations to offer more healthy food choices on its menu.

The company has heard its critics and responded, although not always in an expected manner.

In the UK, the company plans to begin selling fresh grapes and sliced apples in its stores beginning in April. McDonald’s is also adding fruit juice with “no extra sugar” and a pasta salad to its menu.

McDonald’s head of marketing for the UK told the Australian web site, Industry Search, “Tastes are always changing and these changes to McDonald’s menu aim to provide our customers with even more choice.”

The company did not indicate whether it would add the new UK offerings to its US menu.

Aside from fresh fruit, the move to healthier fare in US restaurants appears, at least in one case, delayed. The Associated Press has reported McDonald’s has still not found a healthier alternative for the cooking oil it uses in its products. The company had previously announced it would switch oils by the end of February.

Ralph Alvarez, U.S. chief operations officer, McDonald’s said, “While speedy implementation is an admirable goal, we are most focused on the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products.”

Moderator’s Comment: Does McDonald’s need to make an
aggressive push into more healthy foods to get its business back on track here
and abroad?

We’re going to offer a contrary view to putting McDonald’s
on a diet.

McDonald’s should forget about going healthy. It should
concentrate on offering the best tasting, fast food on the planet.

Should you eat it everyday? No way.

But, when you want to reward yourself after eating carrot
sticks to the point of turning orange, McDonald’s is there for you.

Eliminate the guilt. Eliminate price as the driver. McDonald’s
future is greasy burgers and fries – made just the way the fast food gods intended.
Anderson – Moderator

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