Martha Stewart Sentenced

Jul 16, 2004
Rick Moss

By Rick Moss

Martha Stewart has been hit with a sentence of five months in prison, two years of supervised release and a fine of $30,000 for her ImClone conspiracy conviction.

Her former stockbroker, Peter Bacanovic, also convicted of conspiring to cover up knowledge of insider trading, is scheduled to be sentenced later today.

Moderator’s Comment: Although the judge has issued a stay while Ms. Stewart’s attorneys prepare the expected appeal, this minimum sentence may stand.
How do you see Ms. Stewart’s prison time playing out in the media and what repercussions do you predict for her brands?

So far, Martha’s enterprises have held up surprisingly well, but the image of her in prison garb could sour even the most loyal fans. This should be one
for the Brand Image textbooks.

Rick Moss- Moderator

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