Marsh to Enter Tough Chicago Market

Aug 06, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

On the heels of a report of lower earnings for its first quarter, Marsh Supermarkets has announced it will expand into the Chicago market with a new store concept, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Don Marsh, chairman and chief executive, Marsh Supermarkets said the move was necessary for future growth. “We need new territory,” he said. “We will not be cannibalizing ourselves here in Indianapolis.”

The new store concept reportedly has “a layout more like a department store than a supermarket, the ‘next generation’ store cordons off each product category into its own room,
with wide ‘raceways’ connecting one area to another. All the side areas are connected by a central courtyard stocked with international, seasonal and gift-card items.”

The store, according to the Star, will include a separate building, which houses a food kitchen, dining area and florist shop.

Moderator’s Comment: What do you think of Marsh Supermarkets plan to enter the Chicago market and its new store concept?

Marsh’s vice president of construction and planning, John Turek hit the goal on the head. He called shopping in a supermarket a necessity. The trick
is to turn “I need to go food shopping” into “I want to go to Marsh.”
Anderson – Moderator

Marsh targets Chicago for new concept – Indianapolis Star

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mike bousis
mike bousis
15 years 8 months ago

Marsh is a company that has had its share of problems in Indianapolis. Imagine what is going to happen when they start spending all of that money to fight for market share in Chicago. We have seen many major companies come into Chicago with high expectations and fail big time. My feeling is that Marsh is going to go down this painful road, as so many major grocers have, thinking that the Chicago market is going to be their big major success story. I think that Marsh has no idea what they are in store for.