Lights, Camera, Action, Sales!

Oct 01, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

WB’s stars are wearing Kmart’s clothes, the Donald’s apprentices are trying to sell Vanilla Mint Crest and the family on NBC’s “American Dreams” will be found sitting down for
a dinner with Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

Product placement has become an integral marketing element for many consumer brands and the payoff, say marketers, is big.

A press release put out by Procter & Gamble (a RetailWire sponsor) said the Crest Web site got more than 4.7 million hits, “the highest level of online interest in a single
product launch in P&G history,” after “The Apprentice” episode.

Campbell’s (also a RetailWire sponsor) deal with “American Dreams” will also put the company’s product in the story line. Media Post reports one of the show’s child characters,
Patty, “will enter an essay contest sponsored by Campbell’s that will become a recurring story arc throughout eight additional episodes of the series.”

Sixtie’s era Campbell’s Soup commercials will also be included in the show as well as shots of soup cans in the kitchen and Andy Warhol signing soup cans on a college campus.

Moderator’s Comment: What do you think about the product placement deals such as those by P&G, Campbell’s and Kmart? Is this the type of communications
required today to break through the clutter of messages directed at consumers?

George Anderson – Moderator

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