LandWare Releases Wine Enthusiast Guide for PDA

Apr 19, 2002

Mobile hardware and software maker LandWare released its Wine Enthusiast Guide last week. The new reference database provides detailed information including reviews and ratings for more than 9,000 wines worldwide. The guide is packaged in a multimedia card (MMC) that is readable in any Palm, Inc., device that supports expansion, and presumably the HandEra 330 and Handspring Visors equipped with a Springboard to MMC adaptor as well.

The card also contains interactive vintage charts, wine cellar management tools and a searchable glossary of more than 1,400 wine terms. The database allows for quick selection by cost, rating, style, grape variety and region, and users can add personal notes and tasting records. Users can beam wine details to other Palm users.

As new editions of the guide come out, Palm users can refresh their cards with the new information. The Wine Enthusiast Guide 2002 on MultiMedia Card is now available from LandWare for $34.95. A CD-ROM and electronic download version are also available.

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