Kroger Praised and Pounded

Jan 22, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

A complimentary story on, on a recently renovated Kroger concept store in South Nashville that boasts a wide selection of products from around the globe,
got the following critical response from a visitor to the Web site: “Or you can come to either the East Nashville store or the Inglewood store and see Kroger’s concept of ‘Slum
Store.’ This concept is a filthy store, poorly stocked with no customer service and no lights in the parking lot.”

Moderator’s Comment: What is your reaction to this story?

We don’t know Nashville’s neighborhoods or the stores in question to offer an authoritative opinion on this.

It would seem, however, the difference between the published story and the posted comments suggest Kroger has decided that some stores are worth letting
go, even while they remain open, while others are deemed valuable enough to invest in. If this were the case, it certainly wouldn’t be unusual for a business to neglect a store
in a poorer neighborhood while pulling out all the stops in an affluent area.

Anderson – Moderator

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